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Is Trump forcing social media to regulate his speech?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22074points) 1 month ago from iPhone

The latest outburst requiring disciplinary regulatory oversight is apparently his allegation that kids are immune to covid. Must the man be muzzled for the public good?

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@stanleybmanly Having the national narrative shift away from terrible job numbers to “the liberal Silicon Valley tech companies are censoring Republican politicians” is strategically advantageous. Our pathetic media is more-than-happy to oblige. Instead of their obligation to the public as the “Fourth Estate,” they’ve turned into clickbait-chasing headline sensationalists, owned by a small handful of giant mega corps and billionaires.

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Trump won’t muzzle himself, some finally someone or something else is calling out his lies.

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No, the media are his pawns and means to keep in the News.
To say something outrageous whether true or not, nonsense or rational it doesn’t matter as long as we the Public keep noticing him.
He is marketing himself that way becoming popular and remembered is important to him at all costs.
Remember he stated once that the media will miss him one day as he has manipulated them.

In fact he is jealous of Oprah’s notoriety and the fact that all she had to do is mention a product (book etc) and that made that author rich, so he wants that power too.

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Yes the media needs to muzzle him before one of his idiot followers kills themselves following his idiotic suggestions. Oops. Too late.

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