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It seems to me that authoritarianism is on the rise. When people are under stress, as so many are around the world what with economic downturns and rising health risks, they experience the emotions they had as children. They look for a father figure who, from a child’s perspective, has the power and authority to protect them and provide their needs. Some see the teachings of their religion as pointing to such a figure. Others look to a political figure that seems to have the qualities that their instinct for survival has sought since infancy.

Unfortunately, there are people who seek esteem, wealth and power who will take advantage of the frightened populace and play upon their fears, manipulating them will false promises and distortions of reality. They will create divisions that set people against one-another both within the country and between countries. Their efforts will be supported by a class of extremely wealthy individuals who profit from the emotional and physical wars provided by their puppet leaders.

I wish there was a way to convince those people caught in the web of deception that what they are embracing will not provide the security they desire, but will have the opposite effect. However, I cannot imagine how their minds can be changed. I can only hope that over time the present horrors will pass, as they have so many times in the past. Sadly, too many will suffer till then.

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People have to get the message that this virus is very real and the death count will continue climbing unless we all smarten up.
That includes Governments, but Governments deflect their fuck ups back on the people and the issue more and more rules on the people.
Thus the rise of authoritarianism.

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