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What are you looking forward to?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) August 6th, 2020 from iPhone

(Besides the election)

Something that will happen in the next five months. There has to be something!

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Requited love.

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Hopefully the end of my divorce.

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@Hawaii_Jake: Awwwwwww
@ANef_is_Enuf: Awwwwwww
(You can each imagine the appropriate inflection for the ideal response)

From next week through Thanksgiving, it’s gonna be totally bananas. I’m teaching ten courses, have a two consulting gigs, and have to finish issue three of my comic. It’ll be 7-days a week, 10-hours/day for three months.

But then, I am completely off for an entire month. That is what I’m looking forward to.

And yes, that month will be that much sweeter if the election goes as I hope.

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Eating INSIDE a restaurant to eat food I didn’t make with a cocktail I didn’t make.

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Reading new books, seeing more deer and/or bunnies, cool weather, cold (I hope) weather, meeting new neighbors, Christmas with my daughter and her kids (and my grandson), stopping payments to yard men, new carpeting, more porcelain crowns and mostly more healing from missing my super nice husband.

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My kitchen remodeled.

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Star Trek Lower Decks on tonight.

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You know, @Mama_Cakes, I have thought about this since you put it up and I just can’t seem to come up with anything that’s not so banal it doesn’t merit mentioning. I look forward to the After Time when I can focus again, and make plans, and have some cognitive function back. :-)

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The cooler winter months.

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^^ That too.

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A vacation (trip).

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Life after covid 19.
That and a Trumpless U.S.

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Seeing my sister again.

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