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Does anyone else not like it when someone does something for you that you were going to do?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) August 6th, 2020

I do, and I have to mess it up on purpose and then do it myself to be satisfied.

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I just say “Thank You” !

I don’t understand why you “have to mess it up on purpose”?

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Sounds a bit OCD, since I’m the same. Just try to let a few things go and it gets easier.

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I don’t do the messing it up part, but I don’t like anyone doing things for me. More specifically, I don’t like to be waited on (unless I’m a guest at time, of course).

Ha! I said a “time”. Look, I’m suddenly 80.

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I don’t like it either. For example, if I cook for someone and they try to do clean up. I just tell them to relax and that it will take me less time to do it by myself.

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Depends. Usually, I’m grateful, but sometimes I’m annoyed.

Sometimes, I’m purposely waiting to do something and doing it for me before I’m ready pisses me off.

Sometimes, people think they are being helpful, but they don’t do the task as I wanted it done, so it’s just frustrating rather than helpful.

Sometimes, if someone helps too much I might feel an imbalance, like I’m not doing enough for them. That can be uncomfortable.

If my husband does something for me that is usually my responsibility, sometimes that feels like he is telling me I didn’t do it fast enough. It feels passive aggressive.

Mostly, as I said initially, I’m grateful though, and usually I thank the person and truly am happy they helped.

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Like JLeslie, for me it depends, and usually I am grateful.

The one that annoys me is when someone asks me to do something and I agree, but then, not having told me they wanted me to do that thing by a particular time, and without later clarifying that for me or re-asking if I wouldn’t mind doing it before a certain time, they start doing it themselves and act annoyed with me that i didn’t do it before they did.

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