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Have you told someone that you are sick and have them take a step back ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17401points) 1 month ago

They thought that I had Covid19. I just had digestive issues.

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Yes, after self-isolating for so long, I’m having sporadic bouts of depression. While in the midst of one last week, I went out for lunch. The waitress asked me how I was doing & I responded that I wasn’t feeling up to par that day. She froze in her steps, turned white as a ghost & stood back as she took my order. It took me a minute to realize WHY she was acting so strange. When the light bulb finally came on, I laughed & explained to her that it wasn’t covid related other than due to covid that I had been stuck at home, alone for way too long. She laughed & said that she hadn’t been worried, but the look on her face initially told a different story!!!

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