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Is an Ipad or tablet better than a kindle, in Canada?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17401points) 1 month ago

I read some of the complaints, on Amazon, and they say that some features are not supported in Canada.

What are my other options?

My have lots of books, and would like my stuff to be more portable.

My Samsung smart phone, that I bought for $150, is out of space and would like to have a phone that can download apps and read books and textbooks with. It might be better to have a really good phone and skip the ereader.

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It’s a little confusing. Amazon makes several devices.

This is a Kindle Paperwhite eReader. You can’t do anything on it except read books. I have one of these and love it. I do most of my reading on it. The battery life is amazing. It lasts for more than a month.

Here is an Amazon Fire Tablet. It’s cheap and supposedly easy to use. On this device, you can do a few things on the internet, but it does not give a wonderful experience of the internet. You can also read books, because you can get a Kindle app. It’s battery will only last about half a day of continuous use.

Now, because Amazon makes a Kindle app, you can download the app to your phone or your computer or any tablet. I have a Samsung tablet. It’s really old, but I still use it. Here is a similar tablet. You could put the Kindle app on this tablet and read books on it.

I prefer to read on the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s small. I can hold it in one hand.

You should be aware that when you buy ebooks from Amazon, right when you buy it, it downloads to the place where you send it. After a time – I have no idea how long – it goes to the cloud. The books are still available. You have to go to the Amazon website and access your account to download the book again.

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Canadian here. I have a Kindle Fire tablet. I have roughly one hundred book on there and quite a few apps. I’m happy with it.

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I love my Kindle Fire but have never owned an Ipad & I don’t live in Canada so NO clue what problems you might have with a Kindle so I can’t address them.

I often leave my Kindle in my car so I will have it with me when I’m stuck with down time while away from home. While at home, I have the Kindle app on my laptop where I can read any Kindle book that I’ve purchased. My local library has some books that are loaned out through the Kindle app as well which still is readable on my laptop.

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@all It might be less complicated if I buy something that is all in one.
Like an iphone that I can access my favorite online radio show (Coast to Coast am) and book reader and unlimited talk and text. Also room to put several apps.

What smartphone do you suggest? I am willing to save up for it. How many GB do I need?

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