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If I buy a song from Google Play and use it in a YouTube video, then is there any chance of a copyright claim?

Asked by Ramninder_Singh (4points) 1 month ago

I buy a song from google play, will it give me the license of that song to use it in my YouTube video.

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No it doesn’t. The music industry pays people to do nothing other than watch youtube videos & pick out the copyrighted material & then file a claim. There are numerous videos on YT explaining the problems brought on by youtubers who could not figure out a way around it. Even the reaction channels are required to pause every so many seconds or their vid will receive a copyright claim. IF they contest the claim, YT gives them the option of redoing the vid & blocking the music being claimed or taking the vid down. I watch a lot of reaction vids & I’ve heard commented frequently that Sony is the toughest company to deal with.

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People have received copyright claims on their own, written, composed and performed, music, and the process is completely automated, so you will receive a strike. Count on it.

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Smells like spam to me…

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Use music that you created. Period.

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No more so than buying a CD gives you a license to use that music in a movie.

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It’s OK if I buy a song from iTunes and play it for my friends at my house during a party.

It’s too bad that I can’t video my friends having fun with the music that I paid for and share it with my friends on YouTube. I never make a dime on my greater than 100 YouTube videos.

I’ve had numerous copyright claims on my YouTube videos. But nothing ever comes from it.

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