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Have fortunes deteriorated?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28482points) 1 month ago

I bought Chinese take-out last night for dinner. The first fortune cookie’s fortune was “You need another fortune”.

The second fortune cookie was empty – no fortune at all.

Is there a fortune crisis? Is depriving us of fortunes part of the Chinese efforts to destabilize America?

What’s wrong with fortune cookies these days?

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@elbanditoroso, the wisdom of the cookies is telling you that your fate is murky. I worry for you.

I’ve always found fortune cookies to be extremely reliable, at both knowing my present and predicting my future. I place my full faith in cookie logic. I also play those lottery numbers and expect to win big-time any day now.

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I just opened a fortune cookie. The fortune: “Help I’m being held as a slave in a fortune cookie factory”.

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The last fortune cookies in our Chinese take out were stale. My husband threw them out. I told my husband we should have read the fortunes first.

You do know fortune cookies are an American invention right?

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