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What is your opinion of Elon Musk's plans for digging tunnels under Los Angeles to help with the traffic problems?

Asked by Aster (19874points) 1 month ago

I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt since he’s not only smart and creative he has the funds to do this.

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Not so outlandish.
LA’s first subterranean transit system was a short stretch of tunneling dubbed the “Hollywood Subway,” which moved its first passengers under the city in 1925 via electric interurban rail cars.

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It isn’t just a plan – he has already built an experimental segment and I believe he has the actual tunnel already under construction.

I think it’s a fine idea. I hope it works.

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We have solutions to traffic problems that also happen to address many other issues, including global climate change. But improving public transportation and community development that reduces commuting means less $ for Musk.

Anyway, Musk is really bad.

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A great idea, one that we could use here.

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A little bit worried that many could be caught underground should an earthquake happen?

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@Inspired_2write While I was reading about this, experts say it’s actually safer underground than above. Who knew?

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@hmmmmmm “But improving public transportation and community development that reduces commuting means less $ for Musk.”

I can assure you that Musk didn’t start Tesla or SpaceX to get rich. The guy was already so rich from selling Paypal he could have bought an island somewhere, drank margaritas and had supermodels take turns satisfying him all day for the rest of his life. The most likely course of action was that he was going to squander his fortune and bankrupt himself, and Musk has repeatedly admitted this.

I certainly don’t agree with everything the dude does or says, but let’s not get things twisted. Public buses, bicycles and donkies aren’t realistic solutions to our transportation needs. Encouraging and adding those to the mix is awesome, but people are going to want to drive their own vehicles. EVs are the greenest solution to that problem, and Tesla has managed to catalyze the industry into finally taking EVs seriously. Car companies certainly were in no hurry to head in that direction prior to Tesla eating into their marketshare.

Tunnels take advantage of the z-axis, adds an additional dimension to an otherwise 2-D network of roads. There is a ton of potential in figuring out how to create tunnels cost-effectively.

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Super fast commute sounds great.

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