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Is a motorcycle for me?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19452points) August 8th, 2020

I would like to know what the process is to get a motorcycle.

I will mainly use it to transport my groceries from store to home. Maybe to go to another city to visit my mom after Covid19 Is over.
I don’t have a garage or tools.
I have never driven a motorcycle.
How much does it cost to buy and maintain one?

I can’t parallel park a car and I wonder if it would be easier to park a motorcycle. I would like to save up for quiet comfortable motorcycle.

I don’t have a driver’s license.

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If you were my son, I’d say, no, please, just take a bus or a cab. One less thing to worry about.

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@Jeruba Thanks. What about an electric bike or a bicycle? I have a small area for staff parking and I could ask if I can get a bike rack installed?

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@RedDeerGuy1, first try it out. Rent a scooter maybe, or an electric bike. Don’t go all in without knowing what you’re doing, please.

In your place I would also do a little computation and reflection:

1. What are the steps I would have to take, and in what order, to carry out this idea?
2. How many bus or cab rides could I take for the cost of a vehicle plus fuel and maintenance?
3. What is my history of physical coordination, reflexes, accident proneness, etc.? Would I pose a hazard to myself? to others?
4. What would it be like in winter in Alberta?

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@Jeruba I don’t know how to answer those questions. I will ask my friend next week. He has a motorcycle.

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If you have never driven a motorcycle, you need to do a couple things first. You need to research what the licensing requirements are. You need to find out if you have to take just a written test or actually perform a driving test (on a course). You want to find out what constitutes a motorcycle. For example, some states have rules that require a certain cc sized engine to qualify for being a motorcycle and requiring a license. In NC, they have what we call “liquor cycles” which are small scooters, 50cc engine, that require no license to drive. The people that have lost their licenses for DUI get these to get around. If you need to take a driving test, most states allow you to drive with a temp license, only during the day, to “practice”. So you can get a cycle, take a written test, and drive basically indefinitely without ever getting the motorcycle endorsement on your license.
The problem is that you aren’t used to riding a motorcycle. And you aren’t familiar with how they feel and how they handle and they are pretty unforgiving. In a car, if you screw up and go over a curb…no harm no foul. On a motorcycle, you could get seriously hurt.
I agree somewhat with @Jeruba. Start small. Get a scooter just so you can get the feel of what it is like to ride a motorcycle. Rent one or buy one used. I had one that had 150cc engine and it would do 60 mph easily. But it was very easy to drive. It qualified as a motorcycle so when I took my test, I took it on that and blew through it no problem. I later got a bigger cycle.
Another option would be to get a Can-Am or even a Polaris Slingshot. These are basically 3 wheeled motorcycles. a LOT more stable, still good on gas, still get the wind in your face, a little more storage for things.

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Have you considered a folding electric bicycle? The advantages are that they are inexpensive, do not require a driving test, are fairly safe, and you can keep it in your apartment.

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@LostInParadise No. I will now. Sounds perfect. I will Google it. Edit Can you suggest a folding electric bicycle that I can transport groceries in? Amazon only has the mountain bikes and few other selections.
Update: I will ask costumer support now.

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@LostInParadise I found this for $700 on Amazon 20 Folding City V2 Compact Foldable Bike -6 Speed Gears Foldable City MTB not electric but a good start. Will save up for it and ask around if it is a good choice. Is 17Kg (37.5 pounds)

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@LostInParadise I asked the manufacturer. They will answer in 2 business days.

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I honestly think they’re dangerous due to bad car drivers and it’s not worth the risk.

Everything people learn takes building experience, which means making mistakes.

I just dont think it’s worth it.
Cars have made large strides in collision safety, but a motorcycle will always be body-to-ground contact no matter how experienced one is.

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On the other hand, you could go to this.

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I was just thinking about this the other day when I was getting a ride from my sister to the hospital.

I saw the most adorable mint green and cream Volkswagen beetle driving next to us. Somebody had put a lot of work into restoring it. It was delicious. I wanted a car!!

And then I remembered back to when my sister had a unreliable shithole Beetle. Constantly breaking down. And then I remembered that she had that car when she was poor, and just had a baby. And this was before cellphones and the car stranded her so often and she struggled to find money to repair it. And when it did break down she would need a rando person to pull over to help her and her baby. It was just a nightmare. Miracle that she was never featured on a Investigation Discovery show.

And then I thought about how my “never owned a car” ass has never had to deal with these problems. Oh noes, my skateboard breaks a kingpin. Three bucks to fix. Oh shit, bike gets a flat. Ten bucks to fix. Oh noes, the bus breaks down. Bus drivers problem. The next bus will be along shortly and get me where I am going.

I just can’t deal with the stress of car/moped ownership.

And fucking hell no dude. Do not get what is classified by the government as a motorcycle. You will die and I like you too much for you to die before I do.

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Wow, @JP, that was a world-class answer. My compliments.

@RDG, how about one of these? They look pretty nifty to me. Surely sufficient for carrying groceries.

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@RedDeerGuy1 , I was thinking of motorized bicycles. You can use the motor or just peddle. Having the motor is helpful for going up hills. Something like this. If you ,get it from Amazon, It does require assembly, but the reviewers said that it is not difficult.

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I’m with others about the danger of riding a motorcycle. Serious injury is one little slip away. Note that an electric bike is safer only because it’s slower. Two wheels is a liability on a wet road (never mind how wet you will get if it’s raining). Driving safely on two wheels on snow and ice is non-stop super-tedious at best and only gets worse from there.

Wear a helmet ! On a motorcycle or e-bike.
When I had a motorcycle, I read a lot about head injuries and how easy it is to die from relatively minor head impacts. Without a helmet, at certain angles a head impact from falling less than a foot to pavement can be fatal. A helmet can dramatically help avoid head injury.
Wear a helmet !
Of course you can still bust up your spine and the rest of your anatomy with a helmet on…

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This site has a lot of information about electric bikes, including a few recommendations along with reviews.

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