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If you slip and fall getting out of the bathtub what would you do?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17401points) 1 month ago

Your naked. You broke a leg. Your phone is close. You live alone.
Do you call 911, and try to get dressed? Or do you try to unlock your apartment door, to let the paramedics inside?

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@ragingloli Ok. I’m too stubborn to just die.

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I don’t get into the tub unless my hubs or daughter are there to rescue me just in case something like you describe occurs

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911 will break the door down so yes I’d call and hop to the door and try to get a robe or blanket on.

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Call apartment manager. He/she will call 911 if needed, but at least he can let them in the apartment etc
Use towels to brace the leg to prevent a worse scenario.Even a brush tied to the leg can brace the leg enough to move it without more damage etc.

Prevent this from happening by getting supports installed in the shower/bathtub area.
Anti slip mats as well.

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My Apple Watch is set up to call 911 automatically if I have a bad fall. If I’m alert then I can simple call 911 or my neighbor for help from my Apple Watch.

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Do you wear your apple watch in the bathtub?

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I live alone so when I get into the tub, I keep a terry wrap & my cell beside the tub just in case something like you describe happens. I know from past experience that it only takes the rescue department 2 minutes to open the door & let themselves in. At that point, I should be covered with my terry wrap. IF not, a friend who is a paramedic says that they walk in on so many naked bodies that they don’t even notice & they just concentrate on their job. At my age, I’d be a bit embarrassed, but I don’t think that any of them would be oogling me & think I’d be more focused on my leg. Surely one of them would be kind enough to help me get covered up IF I hadn’t managed to accomplish this for myself!!!

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I crawl to the phone and call someone.

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