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How do you perceive photos on social media of people out having fun during this covid time?

Asked by JLeslie (59377points) 1 month ago

If it is just someone alone or with their nuclear family at the beach, Disney, a restaurant, or some other tourist type place what do you think? Do you think that’s nice that they are getting out, or that they shouldn’t be out? Do you feel like they are boasting in some way that covid is not going to keep them away from fun?

What if there are some crowds around?

What if it is a group of friends who don’t live together and they are out together, does it matter how many? Does it matter what they are doing? Golf, restaurant, dancing, inside or outside, or some other activity?

What if no one has a mask on?

Do you think most people posting photos of out having fun is the same as pre-covid or it feels different to you?

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I’m physically and mentally tired of the state of life in general.
Before covid happened, a friend and I got really sick, more than usual. It was worse than the usual light sickness one gets during a season change.

We basically were driving around the region doing electrical work in different plants and factories.

Cue the official news of covid and we basically looked at each other like “Uhhh, I think we both had that…”.

Our work contracts basically stopped completely and I’ve been inside the past 4 months.

I think people just gave up and need to get out of the house for fresh air.

I think a lot of people tried to be safe, but ultimately decided to give up.

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I don’t think about Covid every time I look at a photo on social media.

I feel that people want to have some semblance of a normal life, a summer vacation, a weekend trip, a road trip, a dinner in a restaurant, visiting friends, a birthday celebration, a trip to the beach or pool, stuff like that.

In the area I live in, people are just getting power restored or are still waiting to get power restored, since the storm Tuesday. On social media, many of my friends are posting photos of trees down or showing how they’re getting by with barbecues and generators.

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@jca2 For me it is weird when I see a lot of people together, like 20 people in a group photo no masks.

@Blackberry Hi! Wow, nice to see you here. It was a pretty big flu season this past winter, you might have had the flu. There were high numbers in all states and even some schools were closed for a few days. You could always get an antibody test if you are curious. I was really sick end of January, and that was when H1N1 was spiking.

I’m inside for the most part to, but I venture out to go to the doctor and visit with a friend once in a while (outside). I was thinking it might be nice to go to the beach though, but I will probably wait until October just for weather reasons. I haven’t eaten in a restaurant since early March. I wouldn’t mind walking around Disney Springs for an hour, or some sort of something since Disney is controlling how many people, but I just worry about using the bathrooms, there has to be covid germs in there with so many people using them. Mostly, that is my fear, having to use a bathroom and probably surfaces have covid. I have used public bathrooms a few time the last few months.

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This evening, I ate in Panera. I think it’s only the second time I’ve eaten indoors since the pandemic started. Today and the other time I used the restroom.

What I do when I’m traveling and have to go to the bathroom, I stop at a large hotel (like a Marriott or Doubletree) and I use the bathroom in the lobby. The lobbies are usually pretty empty of people, the bathroom usually has nobody in it. It’s way safer, I feel, than going to a fast food restaurant. Even before the pandemic, I prefer a hotel bathroom rather than a fast food bathroom because the facilities are nicer. The stalls and sink are nicer, the soap and paper towels are nicer, and the atmosphere of the lobby is more pleasant than a fast food place.

I took a three day trip to Newport RI a few weeks ago. We stayed in a friend’s time share resort. I’d like to do something similar the end of August. Maybe Cape Cod.

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@JLeslie Hi good to see you lol.
I totally forgot about the flu, that makes me feel better at least. I stayed inside because the news was talking about “healthy people that feel fine” possibly spreading it.

We just now started going outside too. We took the dog to a park but the park is so big everyone picked a corner and stayed in their group. I’m a huge introvert but I admit it was nice to get out too.

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@jca2 I like to use hotel bathrooms also. I saw a report that said Airbnb was bouncing back with lots of bookings. I think people might prefer to rent an apartment or house rather than stay in a hotel during covid, it makes sense. Have a kitchen and not worry about a maid touching things once you are checked in. You can always tell the maid not to clean, but still the idea of more people milling about in a hotel, I can understand why people might be hesitant.

Mostly, I just try to be careful, and then if I have to do something that makes me a little nervous, I just do it and hope for the best. Can’t be worrying about it once it has happened. I went to get an eye exam, bought glasses, and then had to go back to pick up the glasses, and then had to go back twice more, because they had to redo the glasses and I had an additional pair done with new lenses. I feel like it was riskier than being in the supermarket. My face and eyes, and hoping the glasses I tried on were cleaned well. So far not sick, we’ll see. I also had to go to the cardiologist and then back to get a heart echo. Exam rooms are so small.

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I think it makes you a selfish horrible person and you are fucking everyone over. When college football is officially cancelled you can blame the bags of shit at Sturgis.

This shit isn’t hard. Other people are doing it. Sacrifice for a few months so there can be a normal again.

I’m enjoying the Sturgis thing since that group are the ones Covid loves to dine on. It gobbles up the morbidly obese.

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I just think a run on the hospitals is going to be a thousand times worse that the run on the banks was.

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@johnpowell I wasn’t even thinking about things like Sturgis, but I’m with you on the selfishness when it comes to big events and people crowding. We had that problem in Florida when beaches opened right before Memorial Day. They kept snapping photos of beaches for the news, but the beach wasn’t really the big problem, it was the bars and restaurants at the beaches that were the problem, they were packed with people, which was against the order.

We still have beaches open in most of Florida, but you can’t sit in a bar now and restaurants can have their license pulled if they aren’t following the order. It’s still not perfect.

I see photos of groups here where I live in restaurants and I’m not so sure the order is being followed, I’m not sure what the order is now. I know it’s 50%, but I see tables of 6 then a small space and then another table of 6. I think it’s supposed to be a full table apart from the other table. It looks more like 12 people having dinner together.

When I wrote the Q I was thinking more about friends on Facebook and other social media.

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I appreciate them posting on Facebook. It makes it easier for me to distance from the jerks. My now ex hairdresser has posted many pictures of her at the beach, in bars and restaurants.

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I’m not above judging people for things, like building an enormous mansion for two people to live in or watering a lawn in the middle of the day when it’s 100 degrees out, but this just doesn’t seem to be one of them. If they’re defying laws and going to “private nightclubs” then I wouldn’t like that, but people on vacation during this time, as long as they’re not doing anything illegal, doesn’t bother me.

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These ladies are getting a college education at a great school,UNC students concerned after video surfaces of crowded sorority rush party


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An old friend from long ago mentioned that he was going to Sturgis. I hope he survives.

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I don’t mind seeing friends posts online who are having “safe” fun. Crowds of people gathering together, whether I know them or not, scare the bejesus out of me.

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Would these photos cause you worry? It’s one of our social clubs at a restaurant where I live.

I hope this link works. I’ve never used Shutterfly before.

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@JLeslie Shutterfly wants me to log in so can’t view it. I will say that I saw a friend post about an outdoor music gathering about a month ago. People were not crowded together but closer than I felt was comfortable and I was uneasy about seeing her for a few weeks.

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@janbb This is indoors at a restaurant playing beer bingo. I don’t know how to link it correctly so people don’t need to log in.

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@johnpowell Just in case you wanted to “put a face” on the morbidly obese, that would be me.
But it’s okay, I gave myself Diabetes, that will kill me off too.

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The first thought is they are the reason why our nation has so many people unemployed right now. If people had quarantined properly at first and then wore masks and kept social distance rules we would have slowed down the spread and a lot more businesses could’ve opened sooner which would’ve meant a lot more jobs could’ve opened sooner.

The next thing I think is why the hurry. I get it. I’m having cabin fever too but I think its better than drowning in my own blood or ending up with a possible life long debilitating disease. A couple of months of or a year of cabin fever looks like a picnic compared to either. But worse than that would be unknowingly being asymptomatic and unknowingly spread it to someone I love because I didn’t care about my own life or theirs.

Right now the only reason I can at least visit once every couple of months with my daughter is because we are both diligent about being careful and we even keep our distance and wear masks when visiting. I don’t plan to become the reason either of them get sick or die. So I have a hard time understanding people being selfish.
I mean, I get it. When you are young you want to throw caution to the wind. But I never did anything when young that could effect someone else’s life.

There is my life and there are the lives of others. I wonder how many Covid victims got it from family members that wanted to party. How many people have killed or nearly killed the people they love because they had to go out. They had to get their nails done. They had to get a haircut, they had to go to the bar or they had to go to a family gathering or beach.

I hope those that lost family members or friends because they spread it to them feel guilty as hell, (with the exception that they caught it from work) but I doubt it. Selfish people don’t feel for their love ones the way I do.
That is what I think.

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@anniereborn :: My mom is 5’3” and 300 pounds and has type 2 and is going blind.

She wears a mask at Walmart instead of licking doorknobs at a Nickleback concert. She is at least trying to protect you and me and herself. Instead of being a selfish fuck.

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{{hugs pandora}} ..While wearing a mask since we both actually care about others.

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