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Should I just walk out once and for all?

Asked by Plentylove09 (113points) August 9th, 2020 from iPhone

Hey fluther, so yesterday I had an argument with my bf, over something lets say dumb but important to me, and it got heated to the point where I screamed at him and got heavy and bothered.

Since yesterday at 12:00 am we stopped talking for the rest of the day. Nevertheless he did not go to the other room to sleep, very late at midnight he came to sleep with me, I did not expect it cause in past discussions, he usually man caves in the other room.

Today he has not said a word either, I asked him if he wanted cereal or oatmeal and he answered in a very fast manner, “no thanks I’m good” so I said “ ok” and shut the door to the other room where he has been the whole morning.

Should I just remain silence and wait until he talks back? ( he travels tonight to a town nearby for work and returns on tursday.

I hate always being the one who does everything, to me is very unfair, he always acts tough, like if I am the one who needs to look out for him.

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Some people seem to enjoy this sort of conflict. They look for it and keep it going. Maybe the drama appeals to them. Maybe it gives them an outlet for other stresses. Maybe it’s a kind of sensation-seeking behavior.

Only you can figure out if you’re better off with him or without him.

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By the way, he came and ate lunch in my room with me, he did not say a word neither did I,

Then he came back, grabbed his phone walked away and then turned around and came back ti bed with me, he lay down, 4 minutes passed, and then he walked back to the other room again. Just weird and really I do not understand what he is trying to say or do with this.

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Are there ever any “good times”?

Seems like he is kinda a dick.

Surely you must get more good than bad from the relationship? Are you like my sister that likes assholes and thinks she can fix them? She likes projects. And then they don’t change and the police get involved.

Maybe it is time for a pros/cons list.

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Seems like he may be upset with you screaming at him. Just what is the dynamic between the two of you? Only you can decide.

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@janbb Should I be the better person and initiate communication with him, Or do I just leave him alone.

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If you care about the relationship, I would suggest apologizing for screaming and then explaining what made you so upset and see where the talk goes from there.

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He keeps coming to visit with you to give you the opportunity to cave. When you don’t, he walks away fuming to determine his next move. I’d just not talk to him and be gone when he returns on Thursday. Unless the good times are better than you’ve revealed, my ass would be out of there. If you’re not there when he returns, one of two things will happen. 1) He’ll not care and let you stay gone. That will show you how little cares so you should stay gone. 2) He’ll miss you and find a way to woo you back. That will show you he at least cares about you and you can determine whether you should get your own place or get back with him

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