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How do you spell the term bordici tension from Dragon Ball?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19452points) August 9th, 2020

Also what is the definition?

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Like Dragon Ball Z?

I tried googling and the only thing I’m seeing is some technique called “Hi- Tension” in the Budokai series?

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tangka ichibudica 3:59 in NSFW Robot Chicken Sorry my spelling was totally unhelpful.

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Closed Captioning spells it as “tangka itch a boudicca”

And googling that only give me this

“Boudicca (died 61 CE) was the Celtic Queen of the Iceni tribe who led a revolt against Roman occupation of what is now East Anglia, England.”

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Tenkaichi Budokai.
It is their annual martial arts tournament.

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Interestingly, Son Goku only won the tournament once, when he defeated Piccolo Daimao Junior.
His first tournament he lost against his master, Muten Roshi.
His second, he lost against Tenshinhan.
And his third he conceded, when he flew off with Uub to train him.

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