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Which would be more fun?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30574points) August 9th, 2020

Being immortal or being immoral?

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Gimme the “t”

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Being immoral. Being immortal would get boring. And what form would you evolve into, being immortal?

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The idea of immortality itself should be immoral enough.

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Immortality is heartbreaking,y lonely, everyone dies on you. Even if you are immortal at a certain age, everyone else you love grows old and infirm

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I never liked the letter “t”

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Immortal. If you don’t like someone you just sleep for a hundred years and start over.

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Also being immortal gives one time to do stuff like read every book in existence, and maybe write a couple of bestsellers. Also to see how everything turns out.

Immoral people get shut down fast.

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