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Do you have a trait or feature that people are almost certain to comment on when they meet you?

Asked by Jeruba (50168points) 1 month ago

Like “You sure are tall” or “McDonald? Say, can I get a burger?” or “What kind of accent is that?”

If so, do you find it annoying? How do you handle those remarks?

I used to date a man who had the same name as a historical figure, and he had to fend off stupid wisecracks all the time. I always wondered how anyone could possibly think they were being original, never mind clever.

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I don’t know, but toddlers topple over when looking up to me.

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I don’t think there’s anything, no. I’m mostly unremarkable.

As a kid, it was the fact that I was unusually short and small. That elicited a lot of comments and a lot of mistaking me for years younger. Now that I’m of average height and look my age there’s nothing much in that department to comment on.

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My resemblance to Yosemite falls. ;-o

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When I was a teen through my 20’s I received a lot of compliments on my lips or smile. Also, a lot of compliments on how I walked. I wore high heals a lot when I was younger (Not crazy height, maybe 3 inches) and I put my feet in front of the center of my body, and I had great posture back then. Lots of compliments on my skin too.

Now, I don’t get compliments on specific features. That’s interesting. Age I guess.

Just thinking that with masks on forget it with the whole lip and smile thing, that really won’t be happening. Lol.

People ask me if I’m related to famous people with my last name. That happens a lot. It’s my surname by marriage. One of the famous people spells it like we do, the other person doesn’t, but both spellings are common spellings. A lot of people ask me where my last name is from.

When people compliment a feature I usually just say, “thank you.”

When people ask me if I’m related to a famous person with my last name I say, “no, not that we know of.”

When someone asks me where my name is from I tell them, “It’s Jewish.” Sometimes I add, “it’s from the Middle East.” If someone knows the name is Jewish and asks where I’m from, I tell them, “it’s not my name it’s my husband’s.” Then I wait to see if they are interested where my family is from or where my husband’s family is from

@RedDeerGuy1 That‘s so cute. Made me smile. Toddlers are top heavy, so easy for them to tip.

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I have freakishly thick hair, and I am short. One or both features are often targets for commenting. Since both are obvious, I am used to it and barely notice anymore.

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Just my brilliant blue eyes, occasionally my accent.

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