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When a doctor listens to your lungs, do they tell you to breath back in before you are ready?

Asked by JLeslie (59387points) 1 month ago from iPhone

This happens to me all the time. Doctor says take a deep breath and hold. Then breath out. Before I’m finished breathing out, they tell me to take another deep breath again. If I don’t do it right away they tell me again. I’m not ready! I haven’t finished exhaling. I can’t inhale until I exhale. I mean I guess I could, but it’s weird to do that.

This happened to me with a recent chest X-ray also. I wasn’t breathing fast enough for her.

Does this happen to you?

Any other things that consistently happen in doctors’ appointments that are frustrating for you?

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No, my doctor is OK with the pace that I breathe.

Do you look for little things to be pissed off at? That’s sort of a sign of age – inability to go with the flow.

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I’m not pissed off.

I was on a covid Q and mentioned that I have no confidence a ventilator would be set correctly for my pace of breathing, so I wondered if other people have this happen. Not that I’m planning on being on a ventilator.

In the doctor’s office they are the ones pissed off I’m not breathing fast enough. Too bad for them; the next patient will have to wait another minute.

Doctors barely know how to listen with a stethoscope anymore anyway in my experience.

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They could be checking how long it takes for one to breathe in and out.
Its the time factor between that he/she is observing.

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@Inspired_2write The old way of counting respiration is to do it while taking pulse, or some other thing and the patient doesn’t realize respiration is being counted. In this case, the doctor is telling me when to breathe, so I don’t understand what they would be counting. It’s not like it’s my natural breathing pattern, it’s completely contrived. An opera singer would take even longer than me to exhale.

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Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing!

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