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If you died today, and were reborn as a baby with all your memories and knowledge intact, what would your first words be after keeping your mouth shut for a year?

Asked by ragingloli (46917points) 1 month ago

“Mother, this soup is a little tepid.”

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“MAGA”. They would probably think I was saying “MaMa”.

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Nothing has changed. Put me back in the womb

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Teach me calculus!

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Phew, what took so long?
Handle with care.

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“I am the second coming of Christ, your Lord and savior. Hear my words and obey.” in Latin?

Nah. I expect I’d conceal my knowledge to take advantage of it without revealing to others what was going on. Imagine getting to cruise through school already knowing everything, and/or be treated as a super-gifted child and given a decade or two to study whatever you want without “get a job” expectations.

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Probably “Now what?”

They tend to be my first words anyway, as I start a typical day. I’m thinking they might also be my last when the time comes.

I used to carry a folder to work project meetings that had “Now what?” written on the front in large black calligraphy.

Keeping my mouth shut for a year, though: that part seems implausible.

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“Wow- 3 months late! Next time I’ll get a womb with an exit sign.” ;-)

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(MULTIPLE expletives deleted!!!)

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Haagen Daz ice cream…bar!
Oh and fuck trump!

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“What generation of Playstation is out?”

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Shit! I have to do this again?

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Can I have a baby sister?

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