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Does this sound somewhat like blackmail?

Asked by kritiper (19162points) 1 month ago

100 black men have notified Biden that he needs to select a black woman as a running mate or risk losing the election.

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FYI: He did choose a black woman, all on his own. So the point is moot.

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^Which he had planned on doing for quite a while.

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^^ Exactly

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Not at all.

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About as close to “blackmail” as a bunch of climate scientists signing a collective letter to politicians, warning about global catastrophe if they refuse to take action, where you would have to assume that the scientists had a global weather manipulation machine hidden in their secret volcano lair with which they would enact their dastardly plan to drown 90 percent of humans in a man made flood.

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It sounds more like advice than blackmail. It’s not like they said “pick a black woman or we’ll burn down your campaign headquarters.”

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So everybody in the freaking world knows about it is N O T blackmail !

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Not sure blackmail is the right word. Threat might be a better word. This sort of thing seems to be becoming the new norm. This is another example of that sort of thing.

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It’s not blackmail because the advisors weren’t in a position to offer or deny him the election win. (Or if they are the US has bigger problems than you think). I don’t think you could describe it as a threat either for the same reason.
It could probably be more accurately described as good honest advice.
The black American vote is often viewed as a single entity that will vote as one for the democrat candidate but that’s bollocks. It would be like say that all old white Americans are card carrying klan members who’ll vote republican no matter what.
Of all the democrat candidates Biden was perceived as the least popular among the black vote and unless he does something to change that he risks losing a large proportion of the black vote. Not necessarily that they switch to republican but more likely that they won’t turn out. On the other hand if he does succeed in motivating that group there’s a good chance that people whom normally wouldn’t vote will and that might just be enough to swing it.

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Biden said from the get-go that he was going to have a black woman as VP, so I see it as 100 Black Men posturing.

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How on earth would that be blackmail? Are there 100 black men who can assure and election? If there is then why do we have Trump? The idea that this is blackmail is preposterous. Reminds me of a family joke. I was questioned for my daughters clearance and everything was mostly about daily life questions then she changed the direction and asked me what was the likelihood of her being blackmailed. I had a cold and my ears were stuffy. She had to repeat a lot of questions. Well, I thought she asked what was the likelihood of her being with a black male. I told her I guess pretty good. She was currently dating one. With a straight face, she asked me again. I was still confused and then I told her, Oh, blackmail. I thought you meant with a black guy. I felt horrible and cleared it up but felt bad because the interviewer was black. I thought she was still on the personal aspect of the interview. . Then I quickly waved my hands telling her absolutely not. She’s a good kid and never has been in any trouble or done drugs or hung out with anyone questionable behavior. All her friends are pretty much-considered nerds.

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Sounds like a fruitless effort to me. i have known since he was originally tapped to be the Dems pick that he was going to choose a black woman for his running mate. He’s not half a dumb as trump wishes he was

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@cookieman Yes. On his own. Without the threat of electorate failure promised from 100 black guys.

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@ragingloli I don’t think the threat of climate catastrophe is quite the same as the threat of election failure from a bunch of people is quite the same. One is natural, uncontrollable to an extent, unlike what can be controlled in an election by a bunch of voters.

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For some others who confused the term “blackmail” to mean ‘in regards to the subjects in the question being black,’ I should have used the word “extortion.”

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@kritiper I understood what you meant. I just decided to put my story in because it gave me a chuckle when I read the words blackmail. Always reminds me of that question. My answer was still the same. It is neither extortion or blackmail. Tons of people were saying if he picked a white woman or a man, that it would weaken his chances of winning, which is the main objective.

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100 voters do not an election defeat make or break. 100 voters won’t even put a blip in the electoral college either. I still don’t see it as blackmail nor extortion

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