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Do you think this Biden commercial that takes place in The Villages, Florida will change any minds?

Asked by JLeslie (59382points) 1 month ago from iPhone

It’s ok to skip the background and just watch the ad. It won’t affect your understanding of the ad.

Background: The Villages, FL is a 55 and up community/city that is talked about a lot regarding politics and covid. It has a population of over 120,000 and about 45% are registered Republicans, 35% registered Democrats. Supposedly, 70% of The Villages voted for Trump in 2016. I’m not sure if that is accurate, because often reports are based on Sumter County numbers, and The Villages crosses three counties. Either way, it’s heavy with Republicans and Trump supporters.

Florida is a swing state, the vote for Trump was only 1.2% apart for Trump over Hillary (49% to 47.8% respectively). Every vote counts.

Here is the ad:

I haven’t seen it on television yet, but I know about it because it went out in an email that I subscribe to for happenings around The Villages. Recently, I’ve seen people at major road intersection for Biden with signs and people have Biden signs on their houses and golf carts.

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It could go either way. But the pictures of Biden touching kids in odd ways are already circulating. He’s always been way too hands on with kids and I think it’s wierd myself. Then there are the health concerns. Like his eye filling up with blood and his speech patterns.

It sucks because I think he’s a cool charismatic guy, but a lot of us wanted people like Bernie and Andrew Yang, even Elizabeth warren (except for that native American thing lol) and AOC.

I don’t see a bunch of seniors in Florida changing their minds, though. Anything can happen.

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Maybe. But if I were Trump, I’d be running that clip of Biden’s full-throated bragging about cutting social security over and over on a loop in that community.

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I don’t think so.
I don’t think that this pandemic or Trumps inability to snap his fingers and make it go away will make life long conservatives suddenly become far left liberals.

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@gondwanalon I agree the hard core fright winger will go down with the ship, SS Trump.

Grandmothers not being able to hug their grand-kids will leave Trump at the curb with the trash.

it’s not his lack of snapping fingers; it’s his lack of understanding the magnitude of the virus, And therefore ignoring doing anything to control the spread – - like washing hands and wearing masks.

He still calls it China flu. SMH

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It doesn’t change my mind…I wouldn’t vote for Biden IF any other Rep was running against him; but given the current circumstances, Biden is guaranteed my vote & I’m not considering covid into my thinking!!!

I was reading last week that the Florida polls now indicate that Florida is no longer a swing state because trump is losing so many supporters. That may or may not be true. I can only hope that it is a fact!!!

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@gondwanalon “I don’t think that…will make life long conservatives suddenly become far left liberals.”

I agree, but Biden is hardly a “far left liberal.” He’s to the right of Reagan. If Biden were wearing a Republican pin, he wouldn’t even be a “moderate” Republican. Trump is LEFT of him on trade and foreign policy. And based on previous statements Trump may be left of Biden on healthcare too.

And let’s be clear that there are very few “far left liberals” in this country. You’re talking full-blown Maoists and there isn’t a single elected official in the US that’s anywhere close to that position. Your political compass is totally miscalibrated.

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Milquetoast! It lives right up to the favored jeer hurled at liberals. From the syrupy piano background music to the cotton soft white folks who appear carved from pampered clouds. To me the thing is a waste of money considering the magnitude of legitimate complaints against the fool. You wanna see some effective anti Trump ads? Have a look at the stuff out there produced by pissed off disgruntled Republicans.

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Saw the ad. No idea if it will change any minds. Any person with a conscience and a brain doesn’t need this kind of ad at this point to convince him that trump is a piece of garbage.

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Generally speaking, no.

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Nah, it was too soft of a pitch.

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@gorillapaws Biden is left of Reagan? You’re pulling my leg. HA! Good one!
Reagan was all about tax cuts; increasing the military budget; continual deregulation; conservative morality (anti abortion, family values, stop communism).

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@gondwanalon “Reagan was all about tax cuts”

…Except when he raised them in 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987…

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@gorillapaws Reagan did a lot of tax cutting also. His tax cutting was likely greater than tax raising. From ‘81 to ‘86 Reagan lowered the highest Federal tax rate from 70% down to 28% and the lower tax rate from 14% to 11%.

How much tax reduction do you think Biden and Harris are interested in doing?

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