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What do you know about KOA camp grounds?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42015points) 1 month ago

We’re selling the house and moving into our camper. My daughter mentioned KOA camp grounds all over the state. What do you know about them?

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I just looked at their site. This is the link with locations. I don’t see one in Kansas. I see they have all kinds of options to stay and camp:

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Oh there are several in Kansas. Any idea how much it costs? Is it a yearly membership?

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The $30 membership gets you a 10% discount I think.
Prices per night are not cheap, I’ve got a retired friend that travels around to different Folk and Craft shows. I think he said it cost him $40 a night. with RV hook-up

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They are nationally known but yes, you would have a nightly fee I believe. Perhaps there is a seasonal rate. One option might be to look into being a caretaker in residence at a campground. Then you would get free camping and probably hook ups if not a salary. I’ve heard that retirees do this sometimes.

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Well, I think we’ll stick with state parks. We get a pretty hefty discount cuz Rick is super old!

Rick wants to do that, be a caretaker. We’ll be looking at a lot of things.

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40 dollars a night seems high. Heck for 1,200 a month you could rent a pretty nice place around here. But I haven’t been camping since 1999 and it was about 15.00 a night then.

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@chyna Privately owned campgrounds with hook-ups for RVs are pretty expensive.

@Dutchess_III I just went online to try to find the rates for an extended stay at the Lawrence, Kansas campground but you had to put in a lot of details before getting to any rates. I think your idea of public park campgrounds or the caretaker slot would be your best bet. Or do you know someone who has property you could park it at?

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Well…we’re gonna live in it.

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^^ I understand that. I meant park it at and live in but I guess you need hook-ups for power and sewer?

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When our kids were younger, we did a number of KOA stays here in California and were a regular at one camp (“Kamp”) in particular. We stayed in a “Kabin,” though, and not in a vehicle. It was basically a glorified tent with wooden sides. Long walk to the washrooms.

I don’t know anything about how KOA works as a franchise, but I can say that we noticed a lot of differences among sites that had to do with the particular operators. How well the grounds were kept up, amenities, what was available free and on loan, etc., varied a lot. I guess I thought it was going to be as predictable as a Holiday Inn, and of course it’s not, although that depends in part on the physical setting. They’re not all in shady woods.

> We’re selling the house and moving into our camper.

That sounds idyllic to me, even though I know it would never work for us. The idea of being able to just pack up and go . . . I think about it a lot. I hope it’s a wonderful experience for you. Do you plan to settle down in one spot again eventually?

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Well if that option comes available @janbb we would certainly consider it.

Rick has a Senior Pass for state parks.

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I traveled across country with my kids when they were young and we spent a night in a KOA. We slept in a tent, but the facilities were clean and in the morning, they provided a pancake breakfast. This wasn’t a normal thing…not every day…but the owners like to do nice stuff for the campers from time to time. Very friendly people. BUT…that was probably 20 years ago.

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I heard it’s really great but way too expensive for an extended stay.

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The KOA campgrounds are considered the Hilton of campgrounds.

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Yeah! They are very nice. More like resorts than campgrounds.

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@Dutchess_lll: What about a state park where they have a campground?

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Yes. As I said above Rick has a Senior Citizen pass for state parks. That’s our best option.

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