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How much do you usually pay for a teeth cleaning? (w/o insurance)

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) September 4th, 2008

don’t have dental, but want a cleaning. What price should I aim to get?

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I pay about 120$. I don’t have dental insurance. Keep in mind that they might need to do it a few times if it is really bad.

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You should look for dentist ads that come in your weekly mailings (Pennysaver, Advo, etc,). There are usually coupons for exams and teeth cleanings for first time customers. You shouldn’t have to pay over $100. Don’t let the lack of dental insurance dissuade you. If you neglect your teeth it will end up costing you a lot more in the long haul. As Soupy Sales once said – Be good to your teeth and they won’t be false to you.
Badda bing!

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Thanks – good stuff.

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I just had one done and it was $200. No deals or coupons used.

This was in San Francisco, CA.

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I had my daughter’s teeth cleaned last week. We have no dental insurance. It was two hundred dollars. We brought her x-rays from her orthodontist which were taken that morning. The orthodontist thought it might save some money. Her teeth were cleaned and checked for cavities. This is in south Louisiana.

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I just paid around $280 and that included cleaning by technician, review by dentist, and 2 bitewing xrays. Sounds like a lot, but I live in the Bay Area, pretty expensive, and he is an excellent dentist I chose after much research. I don’t make much, so its a commitment to keeping my teeth, because you know when you’re old when you have dentures (even if that happens at 35 as in the case of someone I know).

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W/O bite wings and with a .05% discount for check rather than charge card, $115. Country bumpkin area but sophisticated dentist. That price includes thorough cleaning by technician, and examination (including checking for mouth or tongue cancer) by dentist.

I go three times a year. Cheaper to prevent than to repair tooth damage.

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