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Where are dogs ticklish?

Asked by SergeantQueen (10432points) 1 month ago

I tried to tickle my doggies armpit, and he just stared at me. Didn’t laugh at all :(

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Google seems to think that “tickle” is to just pet the dog.

No no no no.

When you tickle a human, they laugh. I want to tickle my dog and see if he can laugh. That is all. I don’t want to pet him, because that won’t make him laugh.

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I’ve never saw or heard my dog laugh. He made a look like a big grin when he was hot or just as he was starting to yawn.
Maybe a good wagging of the tail is the equivalent of dog laughing.

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Paws, probably.

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Humans are ticklish because we hold in so much joy because of responsibility, or worry, or stress. Laughing when tickled is a release of that pent up joy.

Dogs, not knowing responsibility and such, express joy all the flipping time and therefore have no need to laugh. Thus, tickling does nothing to them.

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Their paws are “ticklish” in that they’re very sensitive, but tickling dogs is not going to make them laugh. Science says that laughing in primates evolved as a form of submission. That’s why children often giggle or grin when they get in trouble. Humans beings can learn to enjoy tickling because it tends to be associated with safe situations, like goofing around with friends and family. However, many humans don’t enjoy being tickled at all and will still laugh – what looks like enjoyment is actually submission.

Dogs are very social and have a myriad of appeasing gestures, but laughing is not one of them. When they are touched in slightly unpleasant ways they will often lick their lips, yawn, shake, lift a paw, turn away or even cower.

I think you’re much more likely to see a happy doggy grin by starting a game of tug. That’s where humans and dogs are on the same page again: playing with friends makes us all feel safe.

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I don’t know, but just the thought of it made me smile this morning, so…great question!
(maybe that place on their flank/tummy that makes their hind leg go giggity)

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Unlike humans, dogs don’t laugh. Normally they simply wag their tail. Now, my dog does have a spot that when I scratch it that his hind leg goes crazy scratching into thin air and his eyes roll back in his head. I relate that to ticking a kid, but the dog has never laughed

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Between their pads and their bung holes. If you don’t believe me about the bung hole, just poke a dog there and watch what his/her tail does.

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