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What happens to America if Republicans capture the working class demographic?

Asked by gorillapaws (25358points) 1 month ago

In the hypothetical scenario where Biden/Harris win the election, and we enter the inevitable economic collapse (that will happen no matter who wins in November), what happens to the working-class electorate? Are we going to see the blame placed on the failures of Neoliberal policy and the Democratic party?

Will right-wing populism permanently capture the working-class demographic as the DNC focuses on virtue-signaling and identity politics? Could we see an extreme, right-wing, nationalist leader rise up with a right-wing populist message that addresses the economic concerns of the working class? Someone more competent, articulate, charismatic, and intelligent than Trump? What would that America look like?

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America, one that would be ruled by a single political party, although two parties might exist.
(Remember that every single democracy, throughout history, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, has only lasted about 200 years before evolving into something else. And, like Obama said, “Change is coming to America.”)

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Just realized the title question and what I took from the body were slightly different so I deleted my original reply. I’m not sure what it will look like. I’m not expecting the rise of extremism or division to slow down either way.

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@ANef_is_Enuf “I don’t know how “permanently” you mean”

I’m speaking about a shift similar to when the Democratic party shifted from being the “southern racist” party to the party of “the multi-racial working class.” Could a Biden/Harris presidency permanently solidify the neoliberal transformation of the DNC and completely abandon the working class? It seems internally it’s been this way for many years, but will the stark failures of Neoliberalism in an economic collapse lead to a rejection of the Democratic party by the desperate working class and create an opportunity for RNC to capture the “working class” voter under a right-wing facist banner?

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Our country will begin to heal. We, the people will be heard. America will be restored to its rightful Glory! With its Constitution, Bill Of Rights, and law and order shall be restored! Amen.

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I think the Repubs already get support from a lot of working class people. Working class people don’t usually buy into all the progressive efforts presented by the Dems/Leftist. They recognize that all the dreams of the left cost money and it will come out of their paychecks. These people want to work and provide for their families, they want their slice of the American dream, and they don’t want a lot of Government intrusion into their lives. So even if the economy doesn’t “collapse”, more and more people will move to the right if Biden wins the election and the Dems start pushing their socialist agenda.

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The Republicans face manifest demographic shifts. Archie Bunker is no longer the prototype “working class” American. There is no future for a party attempting to be the final bastion of white male hegemony. The Democrats, while not as sharply defined as the racist tool of the rich, faces the same problem—the failure to deliver equitable governance across the board. The country is one in which oligarchs run the place, and the American dream is now to get elected and if not an oligarch from birth, rely on the assured promotion to the oligarchic ranks through the sale of your favors to the rich and advantaged.

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