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Why is my friend not getting my emails but I am getting his?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (190points) 1 month ago

Hi, for days my friend has not been receiving my emails but I can still receive his, and others have received my emails so I don’t know what the problem is?

He thinks I have been ignoring him.

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If they aren’t bouncing back to you as “undeliverable” then he probably has them going straight into the trash. Tell him to check his junk and trash folders for emails from you.

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@zenvelo‘s suggestion or, being cynical, is it possible he’s ignoring you and just saying he’s not getting your emails? Have you tried texting as an alternate means of communicating with him?

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A problem with any anti-spam measure is that it will block some amount of legitimate email as well. If email sent to one person is not getting through, but email sent to other people is generally working, it could be your email is being blocked by an anti-spam tool.Oct 22, 2018

Why Is My Mail to this Person Not Getting Through? – Ask Leo! › why_is_my_mail_to_this_person_not_getting_through

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Is your email provider either Yahoo or AOL?

Some email systems block certain email providers. My email provider has a list of SPAM and SCAM servers and ignores them. I was doing business with someone and stopped getting emails. Gave them a call and they had changed to a cheaper server company, whoops emails were blocked. Gave them my Gmail address. That worked.

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If he has a Gmail, and has those category tabs such as “primary” “social” and “promotions” tell him to go through and check those. Or, if it’s easier, have him search his email (have him type your email address in the search bar) and all communication will pop up (but if it’s in spam or trash it may not).

I was emailing somebody and stopped getting notifications, because google had moved it out of primary and into another tab, which I never check. So if he has those it could be that it got moved out and he doesn’t see it in the primary inbox.

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He’s got you blocked, either willfully or unintentionally.

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I am on Gmail why he is on Icloud! His latest email was ‘I am still not getting your messages’

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iCloud is storage for Apple units. Is his email address "" ??

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Could he have blocked your email address?

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I think you’ve been blocked.

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I think he either blocked you and is not telling you, or is getting the emails and lying and saying he is not.

I repeat my question, why not text?

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@jca It appears that the OP cannot send texts either.

I’m guessing that either there is some massive problem with all the technology, or that he/she is being blocked.

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@Kardamom: Yeah I’m guessing she’s blocked and he is lying about it.

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@Kardamom That was in 2017, and the error she was describing doesn’t sound like someone blocked her. That sounds like a problem on her end.

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