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The cost of a US College education was already too high before the pandemic. Yet students are now seeing the unbundled costs of the tuition because their expenses of room and board are changed as they stay at home.

This video, though, did not raise anything new.

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I feel bad for college students now. Such high tuition rates, and they’re learning virtually, which is understandable but to charge 60k to stay home and have class online without the social networking and the campus experience is bullshit. Yet, if they decide to wait a year or two, not only is life passing them by but they may lose that spot at the university, and the scholarship, if they had one. I support them staying home and I totally understand it from the school perspective and the student perspective, but it’s like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

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The article was interesting.

I have personally felt that some of these 4 year school charge too much. I mean, I know there is a lot to it, such as sports, facilities, room & board, and staffing. But I do feel that some of that cost could be cut down if it was actually looked at and talked about. I would like to see how some of these big-name schools are spending all this money.

My schools tuition isn’t going up, aside from 1 class being online and me having to pay extra for that.

I think my school was a little bit “ahead” being that, they had already decided to go to a hybrid course structure (a mix of online & in-person instruction) before the pandemic.

Also, to add, I am going to a 2 year technical college. 4 of my 5 classes are in person, on campus. My school is requiring social distancing so I would imagine we won’t be sitting next to each other in class rooms. Also, everyone must wear a mask and lots of services are limited. This includes all food from the cafeteria being boxed up, and no self serve options available.

I would think it is easier to have a tech school try and go back to in person, as there are classes that start at 7am and classes that end at 9:50pm. Which I think is a larger time frame as tech schools cater more to those who work and such. Also my schools student pop. has to be smaller than a 4 yr.

Anyways, Things are definitely weird, and colleges do need money which they lost during the pandemic. Not every school has the funds some these ivy league ones do so it would make sense they have to raise tuition. I do feel bad for the students who have to pay it. It’s a hard situation.

Plus you have to take into account that they are losing money by not being able to have sporting events and such.

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I was just talking about this with a couple of friends and I suggested universities should lower tuition for zoom classes so they don’t lose revenue altogether and they looked at me (we were zooming) like I had 6 heads. They were both saying kids might as well just go to community college, so ok, I’m saying then the university will get ZERO tuition from that student.

I have been complaining about college costs for years. Politicians and the media complain about paying for tuition, that is completely different. That’s doing nothing about the actual price.

This is a wake up call for colleges to get creative.

Campus life is part of the whole college experience. I don’t think it’s a big deal for freshman to miss out on the first year of campus life, but for the kids already entrenched in living in or near campus that is their home. This is a big displacement.

I heard my university has deemed one entire dorm a covid dorm for any student with covid. Initially students were going to go back to school and be done with the semester at Thanksgiving so they don’t travel back and forth, but I heard recently classes are not starting on time. I’m not sure what is happening now.

I feel bad for college age young adults. Such a fun time in life for most and it’s all disrupted. If this just goes on another year it won’t be disastrous, kids can do a 5 year plan if they want to, that’s not uncommon.

The very high tuition is not worth it if you can’t be on campus. It was too high already at so many schools. If you can be on campus and the teacher is zooming in that’s not terrible. It’s a happy medium if the professor has health concerns.

@zenvelo Unbundle how? I’ve never seen college costs stated as one amount without knowing tuition, books, and living costs. Is it different now? I went to college a long time ago.

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@JLeslie My daughter recently graduated from a private school in Worcester MA. Her freshman year, she got one whole bill from the Bursar that included everything except books: Tuition, Student Life, Room, Board. It was itemized, but still a lump sum.

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We are in state at the University of California, so it’s not that bad.

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