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How to increase Instagram followers?

Asked by sahana_26 (4points) 1 month ago

Hi, I’m Sahana doing an internship with women’s lifestyle brand. the objective of my project is to increase Instagram followers . While I’m getting a lot of generic information on internet. Looking for some specific suggestions

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You have to give them a reason to follow you. Have good products and people will find you. People follow quality.

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Cross-pollinate the promotions & advertisements. So if you’re already doing print marketing, promote your Instagram in those ads. Look for organic opportunities like events to promote the brand and instagram. Run a contest that showcases the creativity of the community and promotes something positive.

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Most importantly, do not SPAM people. If you SPAM potential followers, you will rightfully be blocked.


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Depending on your demo and branding, most clothes are just revamps of past looks, like tie dye back in major retail this year. It’s so boring!
My favorites to follow in fashion are mostly black fashion, like bomb jumpsuits in bright colors, matching track suits, etc… Like and others. There’s a reason the Kardashians are so popular, they know what’s in and what women like to wear and look good in.

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Engaging your customers with good content like product posts, quizzes, Trivia, Fact of the day etc. It also depends on your target audience. As you have mentioned women’s lifestyle brand, it will help if you follow other peers and brands in your industry. Do cross branding like adding intagram handle in your email signature, links to your website and any types of communication medium that you guys prefer. choosing relevant and researched hashtags, keywords assists in you reaching wide audiences. Prompt responses to comments, no matter how old the post is helps in bulding brand trust.

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Start creating attractive posts to maintain your follower’s attention. Always stay in touch with them At least try to post 3 times a week. Write amazing content and keep sharing among your friends and family.
Most of the people use Social Media platforms almost every day. Choose wisely about what to post and know your audience preferences. Try promoting and posting according to your audience.

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