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If Trump is not racist, why are all the Nazis, skin heads, birthers, etc. so enamored with him?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22074points) 1 month ago from iPhone

What gives?

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If they were interested in watching John Wick, would it mean that Keanu Reeves is racist? Please explain why you believe they are enamored with Trump.

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Let’s try some logic; Trump is against Antifa because he is a Fascist.

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@cheebdragon That is true. That alone does not make him a racists but his racists remarks makes him racists.
Here’s a list: and for me, the biggy was the Central Park five. He called for their execution even after they found the real criminals and let us not forget how he paints every single south American coming from across the border as all being criminals and murders and rapists and drug dealers and was so happy to separate children from their parents and throw them in cages without any care for the trama those children will have to endure. The racist love him because they recognize what he is. He is like them.

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If Islam is not violent, why are there so many violent Islamic terrorists?

I think people can be drawn to or inspired by something that doesn’t fully endorse or justify their extremist views. “Not racist, but #1 with racists” was a joke slogan of Fox News on the Simpsons. It’s the same thing operating here. Racists hear what they want to hear; it doesn’t mean Trump is actually a racist.

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He talks there language.
Like a Biker group.
Talks tough and makes out that he is like them etc

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@Demosthenes I’m not disagreeing with your main point but I wonder if we know the proportion of violent Islamists to the number of Muslims there are in the world.

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@janbb Probably a small percentage. They just happen to be a “loud” minority for obvious reasons. Just as I’m sure skinheads and neo-Nazis are a small portion of Trump supporters, but they will make sure we hear about them.

(Though I’m not sure why a true anti-Semitic neo-Nazi would support Trump, who’s been more pro-Israel than any recent president.)

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Because, like themselves, he’s a confrontational jerk.

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@janbb Whataboutism is real lazy.

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He’s racist.

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He’s anti illegal immigrant, sanctuary cities, etc..and a lot of people agree with that who are not racist. But it’s a primary belief with many WS so of course they applaud his stance on that issue.
Promoting Isreal and standing by the Jewish community is not okay with many WS, by the way, but Trump hasn’t changed.

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@Desmosthenes Sorry to piggyback, just read your post.

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I get that they love it when he “owns the libs.” That transgressive attitude has been glorified in American culture, and especially movies, for a long time, a part of our mythology that I don’t think we’ve adequately addressed or understood. It’s breaking us now.

What I don’t get is that they can’t see he’s owning them too. He isn’t for them. He isn’t for anyone but himself. He’ll say and do whatever it takes to serve himself (and it’s always two scoops for this guy). I can’t believe how many fail to see that, even though I know they’re not all as stupid and lawless as he is.

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If there is anyone who actually thinks he’s not racist consider he’s now demanding to see Kamela’s birth certificate. He’s not demanding to see Biden’s. And who is that other guy he insisted wasn’t a “real” American? Oh yeah. The black guy.

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Now his claim is that her parents were not US citizens ! What does have have to do with derailing the country ! Oh yes the fright wingers will rally around Obama’s Kenya (FAKE) birth certificate !

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HIS parents weren’t US citizens! The qualification don’t require the parents have to be US citizens. Kamala was born in Cali. trump probably doesn’t know it’s part of the United States.

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