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I am applying for grad school. I need to write a essay about how I am mature and emotionally stable how should I do this?

Asked by wesley837 (163points) September 4th, 2008
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My advice for all of these types of essays is to not be too creative with it, unless you are an awesomely creative writer. The essay should be a reflection of who you are, in simple terms and without too much fluff. While the readers are looking to see how you describe yourself, and how you write, your essay can also disqualify you if it is absurd (no matter how well written it is) or poorly written.

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Part of this depends on the school and degree program, but it’s a good idea to have a very clear and realistic view of what you want to get out of grad school. Write up what you think will work and take time to think about it. Talk to folks who have attended grad school. Talk to the graduate adviser for the department. It’s ok to second guess yourself until you send off your paperwork.

If you want to tell us something about the program that could help. Also, I think a lot of folks would be willing to tell you what they think of a first pass at this if you have one.

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If you are mature and emotionally stable, then why not figure the answer out yourself instead of asking for help?

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Have you see Jackpot??? check that out,
I prepared one of my friends for his interview, and gave him a hand with his essay, the theme was his point of view about his life and how he has become an adult, his experiences in hs and college and how challenging that has been….
He was accepted, and got a scholarship from Princeton
He bought me a tie and sent it with a thank you note

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watch the movie “21”

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Are you mature and emotionally stable? If so, writing an honest essay about what your goals and aspirations are should be sufficient. If not, little we can say will help.

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Yep, I meant that movie, I don’t know why do I always change the name of the movie, is 21 – blackjack not jackpot, shame on me!

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Sit down and think about where you want to go with your life and your career. List what your aspirations are and how you plan to achieve them. What part does attending graduate school play in that?

Do you set aside time in your life for giving back to the community? Why?

Do you balance work, school and time for friends and family?

What are your values?

Those are the things you should highlight.

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As far as being mature and asking for outside help, I think a part of being mature is know when and where it is appropriate to ask for help. Kudos.

You may wish to write about what has inspired you to get to the point you are at now, looking to a particular future in which your grad school studies play a stepping stone. WHO has inspired you and why? This can be a convenient framework to include the excellent points Marina mentions. It can be somewhat narrative, so it is interesting for the reader, and provides an opportunity to synthesize your background with your goals. Past, present and future in a tidy package.

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