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What are some creative (mis-)uses of the terms Covid and Covid-19? (see details)

Asked by Yellowdog (11008points) 1 month ago

The terms Covid and Covid 19 are everywhere.

I Mean Everywhere!

I am starting to hear them coupled with words in my head where they do not belong. That’s because, I think, this ever-present word sounds as if it could mean anything.

Can you come up with some sentences or phrases which, although are not proper uses of the terms Covid and Covid-19, sound like something real?

Humor welcome, but I think the best examples sound like something real.

For instance,

“All the photographs on that wall were taken with a Covid-19 35mm camera..”

“Before automobile headlights were invented, most early automobiles and buggies featured Covid lamps”

“Many middle-eastern dishes are better prepared with Covid rice, which is not available in many parts of the world”

The largest Covid lizard was found just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona on mid July, 1980. It was 37 inches long, nose to tail

The Covid-19 was launched into space on June 11, 1989 and was the first of its kind.

If you don’t mind, when you come home, would you mind picking up some Covid bread at the store?

(Anything that you can come up with that sounds good… )

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Pioneers went west in covid wagons.

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Bigg’s weapon of choice is the Covid-19, an ultra light-weight handgun that makes no sound when shot and is also super powerful and accurate. As a spy, he loves the Covid-19 as he can infiltrate virtually anywhere with it. It basically makes his dream as a real life James Bond come true.

Bigg’s codename is also COVID, so that everyone in the Agency knows that “this is the guy with the Covid-19”.

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How about a Covid dish supper at church?

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Stock brokers are trying to sell Covid call strategies.

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The archeologist determined the age of the dig site using the decay rate of Covid-19.

The “19” on Covid-19 is the number of pounds most people have gained.

Affectionately dubbed “Covid”, the Cobalt Vanadium Indium alloy had the perfect properties needed for the weapons delivery system.

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“And the shadow of a great plague swept over the land, striking down rich and poor, and smiting restaurants and bars and gyms and salons. And there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.” I Covid 19:21.

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“I’m looking for a lover who will come on in and Covid me.” (Paraphrasing Bruce Springsteen.)

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I smoked Covids for years, but I regret not discovering sooner that Covid-19 cigarettes have far less tar.

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Microsoft recently replaced the Covid18-GL with the Covid-19 due to the embarrassing number of viral attacks infiltrating the tracking system of the Department of Defense.

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Covid Deer are a protected species in Labrador and Quebec,

Your choice of Quail, Game Hen, or Covid Pigeon are served with steak and three side items.

The parlour is properly laid out with a tete-o-tete, a marble coffee table, and two small Covid tables flanking the Empire sofa.

The difference between a Covid Wreath and a Covid Basket is, well, one’s a wreath and one’s a basket. Other than that…

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In order to finish the plumbing job, I’ll have to locate a covid wrench.

Let’s see if we have any marinated covid fillets left in the freezer.

When my sister went to modeling school, she learned the correct application of covid gel as a mosturizer.

He suffered from intractable itching until he started adding covid powder to his laundry loads.

@Yellowdog, I can’t believe I’m the only one who has given you a GQ. I think the question is semi-brilliant and shows a playful side of you that we seldom see around here.

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Yeah—I was thinking Covid Cream as a cosmetic product myself—sounds like an actual thing. Thanks for your answers,

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The introduction of toothbrushes by King Covid IV in the third century revolutionized social behavior in the civilized world.

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Covid and Covid-19 actually DO sound like a possible toothbrush or oral hygiene product.

Please remember me, in late summer and early fall—as you walk the fields of yellow Covid.
Please do Remember me just before Harvest, among the meadows green and honey yellow sunlight, in the Covid fields of gold.

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By the sickly yellow lamplight, which cast grotesque, lurching shadows upon the putrid, mucilaginous encrustations of the cavern walls, Lovecraft discerned the blasphemous dimensions of Covid, the most hideous ancient tentacled monstrosity of them all.

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Remember when all the world’s possibilities were yours?
Remember when you could could go all night?
Remember when you remembered?

Find that forgotten youthful spirit with Covid-19 hormone replacement therapy. Be 19 again!

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Marguerite kept her jewels in a fine-grained covid case inset with mother-of-pearl.

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Covid Cherries used to be top-of-the-line expensive but now you can buy a jar of them at Walmart for only a dollar.

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He said he hadn’t been near the forest, but I could see a scattering of covid needles caught in his hair.

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Virtually any fruit or vegetable: Covid Apples, Covid Bananas, Covid Tomatoes, etc etc.

Covid birds and insects sound credible: Covid Bees and Ants, Covid Roaches.

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Ewwww! I hate Covid Roaches!! ~shudder~

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I think there’s a Bible passage that says: “Thou shalt not covid thy neighbor’s house.”
But, I’m no expert.

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