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Does anyone know of a person who has been helped with medical problems by using essential oils ?

Asked by Aster (19994points) August 14th, 2020

I guess my question title says it all.

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Due to an illness I had back in late 2017 my hair started falling out. By the handful. I was devastated. In April I started using Rosemary and peppermint essential oils in with my shampoo because some lovely people on here gave me the recommendations. My hair has grown back thicker than it ever was and now down to my bra strap. My hair has never grown that fast before. So, yes I have used essential oils and found them to work.

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Yes, I have, though I forget the details.

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Not by anything scientific, maybe anecdotal ( not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research).

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I guess it depends on what you call a medical problem. I have used Lavender oil to help relieve stress and headaches. My wife has also used it to help cuts heal without scarring. Chamomile and peppermint can help ease a rumbly tummy. And aromatherapy is starting to get attention by the medical community.

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Of course not.

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Yes. PM me for details.

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An anecdote of a single person’s experiences with essential oils cannot tell you whether the essential oils in fact helped that person. You need scientific evidence to determine an actual causal link of ”this essential oil helps with such-and-such medical condition.”

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One thing to consider is that many of today’s medicinal drugs started life as plants. Willow bark made a great tea that could help with mild pain relief, including headaches. When we finally had the technology to figure out why and how it worked, we got aspirin.

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Yes, I’ve warded off the Flu with my homemade version of Thieves Oil. I’ve had great success with using Tea Tree Oil in controlling a recurring staph infection that the docs had given up on. I’ve had my hair go from being dry, wiry, & thinning to a head full of a luscious soft, manageable mane. My hair looks better now than it did 40 years ago!!!

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@LadyMarissa: My hair is great and I don’t need anything for it, but I’m just curious do you put the oil on topically or do you drink it?

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I NEVER ingest any essential oils as they work best topically!!! I add the EO to my shampoo & shampoo normally. I inhale the Thieves blend & it works well. Again, I don’t ever ingest any EO as it’s NOT necessary!!!

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@LadyMarissa: Ok, no need for the yelling and exclamation points. I understand.

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Thank you for the reminder @jca2.

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