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Who believes it merely coincidental that Trump decides to Jimmy the post office just in time for the elections?

Asked by stanleybmanly (23824points) August 15th, 2020 from iPhone

Is no trick beyond the pale?

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He’s going to vote by mail and send “Air Force One” with two Secret Service personnel and his ballot to be dropped at the ballot box in Florida. Everybody else gets F*&ked.

Thanksgiving will have jump in COVID-19 and a large number of deaths before Christmas.

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No one.

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Who? All the Trump haters. And those who really do not care about who, how, where any person, alive or dead votes.

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I don’t think he has.

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Probably a few people in Arkansas or Florida or West Virginia or Texas….ok basically there’s probably a few in every state.

I know some of them. They make a legitimate excuse for every wrong doing. All of those 20+ assault allegations were lies. Because that’s what large groups of women do, all lie in unison.

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No trick is beyond the pale.

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Very little that he does is surprising to me any more.

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Veterans are getting their medicines later because of DeJoy and Trump slowing down the mail. Maybe there will be a new class of cause of death – - – -no meds for Vets.

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He’s doing the Dems a favor. All my Dem friends are more than willing to stand in line to vote for Byedon. It’s my Rep friends who vote by mail. He has stopped everybody from talking about covid and that was his sole purpose

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I thought the plan was to declare Trump president for life? Saves wasting all that money being spent on elections.

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@Lightlyseared Yes, “A” trump for life.

2024 Donnie Jr will be put in into Presidential office with Eric as VP. by Donald J. Trump!

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Every election ballots are found in the trunk of someones car after the election. We are trying to change the way the elections are run 3 months before a consequential election. That is a disaster in the making. If you want to vote absentee, fine ask for an absentee ballot. This idea that more than a hundred million ballots will be floating around the country is insane.

The Dems know it and just want an easy way to say Trump screwed it up. It won’t work no matter who’s in charge. You want to vote? Go vote and stop complaining about it.

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IMO. It’s obviously an attempt to try to rig the voting process.

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@Jaxk What happens when the hospitals are out of beds at Thanksgiving time and the morgues are refrigerator trucks on the streets outside the hospitals.

COVID-19 is contagious very contagious, and standing in line increases the likelihood of getting it.

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People go to the grocery store every day. Even Fauci (the hero of the left) says that voting in person can be done safely. If you are worried about going to the polls, request an absentee ballot. I grow weary of all the hysterical doom and gloom.

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Calling Dr. Fauci, a “hero of the left,” is straight bullshit…

Especially when compared to a POTUS, who thinks injecting yourself with bleach, or using a drug meant for treating Malaria, and RA, is a cure….

A POTUS, who also agrees, with a doctor, who thinks demon sperm, is why people get sick, and alien DNA are reasonable parts of medicine.

Doom, and gloom?

You must be kidding…..

We’re ALL tired of the pandemic. But. Some of us, would rather follow advice from an expert, than an idiot….

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@Jaxk….I’m so tired of it too. It’s simple. DON’T MAIL YOUR BALLOT! Call your court house and ask where you can drop off a ballot.

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I feel sorry for all the people who have no way to get to a place to vote or drop off their ballots. The belief is that most of them are Democrats, so interfering with the USPS will prevent them from voting. Without transportation, they are out of luck.

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@YARNLADY…if a person can’t get out to vote then they can’t get out to buy groceries or see a doctor…...wait. they have someone to assist them. That person can drop off their ballot for them, right?

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@Dutchess_lll Groceries can be delivered, a lot of docs are doing tel-med services, and a lot of people opt not to do doctors.

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But there has to be someone in their lives checking up on them.

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One would hope, but it’s not a given.

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It’s not just the voters, who are in jeopardy. Many of the volunteers, who man voting stations, are retired/older, or are in higher risk categories. Being in a closed in environment, with potentially many carriers of the virus, for hours, is different than a brief trip to the pharmacy, or grocery store.

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This was about mail in voting not standing in line voting. People are looking for alternatives to get their mail in ballots where they need to be without using USPS.

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People are afraid to go to places, with lots of people. Mail in voting, is a substitute for voting in person.
The USPS, would be less capable of getting all the votes in, if it is handicapped.
Stricter Voter ID laws, and manipulation of the districts, have been a tool of the GOP, to keep minorities from voting. This is just another attempt to get lower Democratic votes…

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Actually the removal of sorting machines have been planned for a while. USPS didn’t realize it was going to cause such a paranoid uproar so it said it would suspend the removal of sorting machines until after the election.

Also. Per the Washington Post, they’ll stop removing the mail boxes for the same reason.

I think we can all calm down now.

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