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Travel suggestions for Yellowstone / Tetons & Glacier?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (687points) August 19th, 2020

We are planning a road trip from Chicago to Yellowstone with stops at the Grand Tetons and potentially Glacier Nat’l. Potential states in the trip (South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming). Any suggestions for what to see / do or not do? We will be in a campervan.

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Are you going to do any fishing? Try Big Sandy and Little Sandy reservoirs that are south of Yellowstone off highway 191 just north of Farson, Wyoming. Fish in the mornings or evenings, and, if possible, use a boat with trolling motor.

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Take the Lake Boat Tour on Lake St. Mary at Glacier.

If it’s huckleberry season, have huckleberry everything.

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Following. Want to make this trip one day.

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Avoid Sturgis, SD like the (COVID-19) plague.

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Hope you have several weeks if you are driving from Chicago; to enjoy the sky and mountains. I’m lucky to have been to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole three times. Never got to Glacier.

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Forgot to ask what month is the trip planned, most of the Yellowstone in closed after October some parts as early an September!

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@kritiper How far do you live from Yellowstone?

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All those states have lots of verticals. Stay away from the edges of things.

Veer off a little and include Utah if you can: Arches, Bryce, Zion. It’s way worth it. My son planned our road trip from Chicago to San Jose via a series of national parks, zigzagging north and south the whole way. It was magnificent, despite all the things that had dire edges.

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Wall Drug is historic but has turned into a tourist trap. You might stop once just to say you did. I had a friend that stopped at Cosmos and said it was a hoot! He said it was very strange, like gravity was off. All the trees in the area grow towards one spot in the forest. When you walk around, you feel like you are being pulled that direction. Lots of weird stuff there. Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Mountain are great attractions. When I was there (and it has been a long time now), Crazy Horse Mountain was still being constructed. I’d be curious to see how far they got. The Badlands national park is interesting. Yellowstone could take you two weeks to see, if you want to see it all. The geysers (Old Faithful) are on a pretty good schedule so you could plan around that. The last time I was through there, they were doing road construction and that put a big damper on things. Might want to check and see if that is going on. Jackson Hole WY is interesting, but can be pricy.

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Whatever you do in Yellowstone, do Not try to get close to the bison.

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