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Will Biden get the Nobel Peace Prize if he is elected?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30580points) August 20th, 2020

Remember in 2008, Obama was nominated for the prize, and awarded it eight months into his presidency, even though he hadn’t accomplished much by then.

I always thought that the Nobel committee awarded Obama simply because he wasn’t Bush.

Given that Trump is far worse than Bush ever was, is it possible that the Nobel Prize committee will honor Biden in the same way, simply because he would not be Trump?

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@elbanditoroso: “Given that Trump is far worse than Bush ever was,”

Dear lord.

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Only if he defeats and slays Trump in Mortal Kombat, after the latter refuses to vacate office and barricaded himself in the White Power House protected by his own private storm troopers.

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I strongly doubt it, unless Biden comes up with some significant new development in the first six months.

Before that can happen, the Department of State needs to be rebuilt, and extensive repairs to the US place in the world.

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Obama was inspirational.
Biden will have to earn it.
Kamala may get it when she inevitably becomes President.

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I would like to think it stood for more than getting elected in the U.S., even though that in itself is a feat. The field is wider than American politics.

I can think of only one guy who regards a Nobel Prize as something he’s entitled to. And he probably just wants it because it’s a piece of gold.

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I almost hope so considering his future health disaster. I watched my FIL go through Alzheimer’s. This is the real deal: and it lasts for years, too.

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@Aster What are you on about ?

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@anniereborn She’s convinced that Biden has Alzheimer’s. She must have read it in her papers and nothing will change her belief.

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No. They don’t give that away, ya know…

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Had no idea why Obama got the Nobel Prize and I love the guy. Can’t see any reason why Biden would get it. I need to read more on this.

I think Republicans who didn’t vote for trump in 2016 and wouldn’t vote for him this year should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Biden’s a big reason why we’re STILL in the Middle East, by whipping-up Democratic support for Bush’s wars. Him winning the Nobel Peace Price would certainly be ironic.

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