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Are you seeing more Trump or Biden lawn signs in your area?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) August 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

I’m staying with my girlfriend in Michigan. A lot of conservative folks here. Last election we saw mostly Trump signs and maybe two Hillary signs. This year, it’s about equal as far as Trump and Biden signs. I’m quite surprised actually. I’ve also seen around four black lives matter signs.

What’s it like where you live?

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I live in Tacoma. I haven’t seen any Biden yard signs. I’ve just seen 3 Trump yard signs.

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What’s a lawn?

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More Trumpers here than Biden, but plenty of Biden signs and Biden golf cart rallies (link below) and Biden people setting up on the lawns at intersections so cars going by see them all set up. The Democrats are in full force this time here trying to state their presence.

We had a BLM rally and George Floyd vigil not long after he was killed. The Trumpers came right after the vigil and that was the video that Trump posted where the guy said “White Power” but this was the anti racism rally before it. Here’s the anti-racism rally.

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No yard signs here yet.

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More Trump signs, which isn’t unusual here in Idaho.

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No yard signs, no front yards. There are signs in some windows for local candidates. Nothing for Trump or Biden. There are defiant leftover Bernie signs and bumper stickers up the ass. I have one still stuck on the rear window of the cargo van from the 2012 race. During the last election for district supervisor, our supervisor walked the neighborhood, rang our doorbell, and the wife buzzed him in without looking, thinking he was just another of our wastrel friends. I wasn’t home, but apparently he joined the hen party and cackled with the girls. The wife slapped his poster up in the window in my book room, I’m sure just to annoy me. That was back in 2016. Well he showed up at the door last week with a big ole sign and a grin. This time I was home to yell at him through the window, but the wife shot down the stairs opened the gate and gurgled with delight. I yelled at her in disgust for the benefit of the neighborhood “If you keep feedin em, you’ll never get rid of em.” So we have another poster for another race.

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Haven’t seen many signs at all, but the ones I’ve seen have been for Biden. When I was at the Sacramento River last week, I saw someone on a boat waving a big Trump flag.

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“There are defiant leftover Bernie signs and bumper stickers up the ass. I have one still stuck on the rear window of the cargo van from the 2012 race.”

Are you saying that you still have have a Bernie sign from the 2012 race?

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Three Trump 2020 flags, middle of South. Replaced flag of the United States with Trump flags.

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@Brian1946 that’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s a big square sticker on the window of the right rear panel door. The house across the street never bothered to take the 2016 Bernie sign from their living room window.

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I’m sorry. My sticker’s from 2016 as well.

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Haven’t seen any.

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Haven’t seen any here, yet. And very few commercials on TV.

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@chyna Very few Biden commercials? That’s interesting. They’re probably spending all their money in big swing states. We have lots of Trump and Biden commercials playing here.

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Not really, not yet, and n9 TV commercial yet, at least not on the live morning news I watch. I expect them to start sprouting up in September.

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North Carolina is a swing state and one of the latest polls has Biden ahead 51 % to Trump 44 % ! Should be real interesting.

State is in support of Democratic Governor because of his controlling outbreak of COVID-19 except for rabid GOP (Tea Party) who continuously bad mouth Democrats and one Tea Party member threatened to disown any family members that voted for any Democrats, on Facebook.

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So far about 50/50. Not a whole lot of signs up yet, but of the few, half and half.

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It’s about 50/50 here, north of Boston. Maybe 60/40 for Biden.

There’s one guy, few blocks from here though, with a huge flagpole in the middle of his yard with a Stars and Stripes, U.S. Marines, and Blue Lives Police Flags on it. His lawn has about six Trump 2020 signs on it. Also, his pick up truck (‘natch) is covered in “Lock Her Up”, “Build the Wall”, “MAGA” stickers — and a few others like “Don’t Like America? Then go back to where you came from.”

Never met him, but I suspect we wouldn’t get along.

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Mostly Trump, but this is Georgia after all.
It’s also early.

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It’s worth saying that a lot of the Trump people here have had their Trump stuff up for 4 years straight now. Some of them really are like they are in a cult. They worship the guy. I should clarify the signs are not on the lawn, they are in house windows and like I said above they decorate their golf carts.

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I have only seen one Trump sign in the area and it’s been there a long time. No Biden signs.
I’m in Chicagoland. Apparently it’s only legal in Illinois in the following manner :

Is placed not sooner than 90 days prior to the scheduled election and is removed within 10 days after that election

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Interesting question that made me think. I honestly don’t know that I’ve seen any for either candidate, tho’ that seems impossible. Lots for local elections, some for state candidates, but nothing for the big race. I may have to do a drive around in a day or two just out of curiosity to see what I can see if I’m actually paying attention to signs. Gotta admit, they don’t make much of an impression on me, no matter what level of candidate they support.

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As a P.S. to my previous statement, I do think I’ve seen a few Trump/Pence bumper stickers but they look like they’ve been there since ‘16. Shrug.

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No signs yet, though the guy behind me has a huge flag up supporting Trump. It says “IMPEACH THIS” and shows a red, white and blue middle finger being flashed. Below that it says TRUMP 2020.

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Having a Trump sign in front of your house comes with a 100% guarantee of vandalism & property damage, local democrats refuse to tolerate or respect opposing political views.

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@cheebdragon I agree that vandalism is rampant on both sides. If you read @swawulf575 post right above yours, there seems to be a bit of disrespect going on with that voter.

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I’d put a Biden sign in the yard but we’re trying to sell the house.

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@chyna While I think the flag is a bit tacky, I would have to say it gives the impeachment all the respect it earned.

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@Dutchess_lll sooo….you are saying a Biden sign could hurt your asking price or the sale-ability of the house?

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I would imagine that any campaign sign would hurt the sales chances.

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Anything personal is ill advised while selling a property.

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Be nice if people went back to flying flags with flowers and cartoon characters on them (a la early 2000s) and kept their socio political points of view to themselves.

Vote. Join a protest. Volunteer for a campaign. Write your Congress person. Great.

Plaster propaganda in your yard or on your vehicle or all over social media. Fuck off please.

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I don’t venture out much but a neighbor has a large, “TRUMP” sign in his front yard. I will look around when I go out again.

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I’ve noticed a lot of Trump/Pence bumper stickers on cars and a couple of flags promoting Trump…some in yards, one on a boat. I’ve seen very few Biden/Harris signs/bumper stickers/etc.

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I was in one of our town squares today and the Trump campaign is occupying one of the store fronts. I wonder if Biden is somewhere in my city also? I peered through the window curious to see if people inside were wearing masks—they were.

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I saw today, a couple streets down from me, one house is plastered with Trump, Blue Lives, and Military signs and flags and their next door neighbor’s house is plastered with Biden, Black Lives Matter, and Rainbow signs and flags.

There is no fence or hedge between their property. One yard just runs into the other.

I will await this to get ugly.

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We just got two new Biden lawn signs.

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@cookieman The saddest part of what you just said is that it could get ugly. If my neighbor and I were in that condition, I’d tease them some but would not let it get ugly. But I think I’m an exception in today’s world.

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@seawulf575: I certainly hope it doesn’t get ugly, but given the amount of visual escalation (as it were) it wouldn’t surprise me.

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@cookieman Keep an eye out and let us know if it escalates. Video would be great!

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Sept.17, 2020
I’m seeing lots of Biden signs here now. Twice as many as Trump signs. And this is a Republican state.

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