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What is your favorite smell?

Asked by nebrow (30points) August 2nd, 2007

what makes your nose happy?

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freshly cut grass, rain in New York City, onions being sauteed in butter, berkeley air in February, the smell of my parents' house, sun-screen (it just smells like fun), the ocean...

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Fresh raspberries. Well or pretty much any fresh fruit, gotta love the smell of fruit - it's fruity!

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Diesel fuel

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Jet fuel - the smell of excitment and exotic places
Toast - the smell of comfort and home
Constant Comment tea - smells like Christmas!
Talcum powder - makes me feel like a child again

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- The sharp pine musk of a sunny forest
- Sea air
- A woman's perfume
- Fresh baked bread
- Cedar
- Puppies

- and fresh cut grass always makes me feel like a kid again

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Cinnamon-raisin bread being toasted
frozen bread being thawed (rising bread dough) for our homemade pizzas
baby lotion
Milk and honey soap
smell of cookies being baked in oven

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a baby after a bath
freshly baked bread
a fireplace

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Lilacs in bloom in the Spring!

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my favorite scent has to be the smell of the lemon trees on the amalfi coast in southern italy

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the smell of my husband's neck after a shower.....
plumeria in Kauai, Hawaii
baking bread
roasting garlic..................

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Ylang Ylang
That particular scent which brings someone you love into mind

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sell of wet grass sweat beer vomit dope the smell of knowing your at music festival

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Coffee, Country fresh air especially after the rain.

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I love the smell of Play Dough.

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My fav. scents seperately (not combined): freshly brewed coffee, bananas, rubbing alchohol… very very very favs. are: new opened device smell (like new ipod box smell), new car smell, new carpet smell, diamonds perfume(emporio armani) for women (even though im a dude)

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Freshly mowed grass.
Alfalfa hay ( and the recycled version via horse poo ) lol

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Sandelwood and woody scents.

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Books and water rides at Disneyland. Both scents invoke nostalgia from my childhood.

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