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Microsoft Trivia: What MS products do these icons represent? (+ scavenger hunt!)

Asked by MisterBlueSky85 (892points) September 5th, 2008

That link points to an image containing four low-res versions of Microsoft icons. The last two icons are for Office 2007 and Windows Vista. What products do the first two icons represent?

And does anyone know where I could find some high-res versions of the first two pictures (i.e., an online MS image gallery)? Double-points if you can actually find the high-res pictures for me!

This is for work, btw, so I/we would really appreciate your help!

Edit: Sorry about using Filedropper. I’m using imageshack now.

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That link takes me to a FileDropper homepage. Is that what it’s supposed to be?

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No. That’s weird…

Try copy-pasting the link in the address bar? Or maybe this link will work..?

Edit: Once you click the link, there’s a button that says Download this File. It will link you to a .bmp, not anything vicious!

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Ah, ok. The downloading the file part works. The lock icon looks similar to this guys lock.

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the last one looks like the Winows Vista logo….and the one to the left of that one is Microsoft Office….the other two though…not sure

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ha…just realized you said that already

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is the first one a Xerox logo?

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Allie: That looks like a step in the right direction. I’ll start searching for icons associated with locking a computer when away. Thanks!

RandomMrdan: Xerox is a good guess, but it’s still not quite right. These are Microsoft products only.

CLUE: I’ve also noticed that gold lock appears when visiting secure site with IE7 (small icon just to the right of the address bar). Maybe it has something to do with internet security too?

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yes, I noticed the same thing…however the one on the site doesn’t have the key hole like the one you’ve shown us.

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My guess on the lock would mean that the site is a safe site to visit. Especially if it’s a site that asks you for information such as eBay, bank sites, e-mail services and such.
I have no clue about the other though.

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