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Collecting homegrown sniglets.

Asked by McBean (1703points) September 5th, 2008

I see that brownlemur posted a few questions long ago that called upon the collective to come up with a term for certain phenomena. Now I call upon the collective to give me their home-coined words along with a definition. I need a good laugh.

A few of mine?
Mitochondriac: Someone who’s afraid that they might have this or they might have that.

Entemannologist: The study of Cheese Danishes.

Ginetics: The unfortunate traits expressed when the mother drinks too much.

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You can read brownlemurs’s threads here , here , and here

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Teleucination: The phenomenon of hearing your phone ring whenever you’re under the spray of the shower.

EDIT TO QUESTION DETAILS: EntemannoloGY is what I meant to write.

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Thanks, JA. There were a few home grown sniglets in there, I think. I especially liked the ones by peedub.

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Fartuous: Freely giving of one’s (gross) gas. From my twin bothers “We’re feeling a little fartuous this morning, so here you go….”

Spazird: A weenie in a hot tub. (again, thanks to the twins)

Margarit-izer: The tranquilizing effect of a Margarita

Panti-zene: Vicky Secret catalog

Orgasmatron: (stolen from Flesh Gordon of outdoor movie fame)

I’ll think of a few more we use….

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EXPRESSHOLES = People who get in the “TEN ITEMS OR LESS” line at the grocery store, with 11+ items.

(Taken from a TV show; not my original creation.)

September 5, 2008, 1:34 PM EDT

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Snugglupagus= Spooning with your significant other.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this somewhere on Fluther before, but I love it and it’s relevant to the discussion:

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friendle=a friend you fondle

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Prostrate Gland = The gland responsible for causing men to lounge about on the sofa all day when there are chores to be done.

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