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Anyone had an out of body experience?

Asked by dundernut (22points) September 5th, 2008

Am a bit of a seeker but being a typical doubting Thomas I need to experience an OBE or astral projection for myself before I can totally buy into what I sincerely hope is true.
I think I have come close on one or two times but then again I maybe just a bampot!! would love to hear from anyone who has managed it

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I’ve never had an out of body experience per say, but I have been out of my mind a few times. Let’s just say it was an interesting time for me and my family.

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Isn’t your question similar in nature, to this one?

September 5, 2008, 4:23 PM EDT

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Yes I suppose it is, thanks JackAdams, I am a bit of a greenhorn here, but apparently there are folks out there who can do this sort of stuff at will

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That’s worth exploring, for sure.

There is a religious group to which a friend of mine belongs, who claims that its adherents can do that, and do so, all the time.

They are called Rosicrucians

September 5, 2008, 4:35 PM EDT

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just take a trip to Amsterdam, and visit a coffee shop, you’ll have a great time.

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@ buster know about that trip but never had the bottle for it
@randonMrdan have enjoyed the muffins in the coffee shops but now trying under my own steam!! cheers guys!

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Coffee shops in Amsterdam don’t sell coffee…

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that’s terrible!!! I love coffee so.

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I’ve had a couple. They weren’t scarey. One was very visual, one was very kinetic. Doing them on purpose is an odd idea to me since they seem to be responses to deep spiritual stress. Hmm.

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@knotif you want coffee go to a café. Coffee shops sell a different form of relaxation.

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phew. See y’all at the café.

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I had an out of body experience one time. (I do not expect everone to believe this ) I drove with an army buddy of mine up to Arizona to pick up his car. When we arrived at his aunt’s house. She and his uncle were sleeping. We went through the side door of the home and I went directly into a bedroom. I was tired so I got in bed, but my buddy went to wake up his family and let them know that we were there. Anyway, so I was laying there and my body startd to feel paralyzed. I opeed my eyes and my body started to levitate. At the moment, I was in aww, so I just went with it. Next thing I know I’m exiting the room and going down the hall. (Note: I was still lying on back just as I was in the bed, stiff as a board.) I saw my buddy sitting at thr diningroom table with his aunt and his uncle was sitting in a recliner. i went pass them and in to the kitchen. I looked all around the house. But when I bumped into a wall, for some odd reason I heard myself say excuse me and the next thing I know, I’m back in the bed. I sat up with a WTF happened just then face. I got out of bed and walked out of the room and saw everyone doing the exact same thing they were doing when I was out of my body(the house was just as I had just seen it also. I waited a-couple of days before I told my buddy and like I’m sure a-lot of people who will read this will say I’m crazy, but it happened and since then i have done it one more time and several almost successful times,but I get scared when it is about to happen. i can’t help it because you feel as though you are helpless and as if you are just energy are something. it is hard to explain. well that’s all I guess, but if you want to try it. The best way I found is sleep deprivation and don’t eat much that day. Also, stay completely still while you lay inbed and don’t think about leaving your body, but instead try to imagine the energy flowing through your body from head to toe. And concentrate on a feeling like love or even anger. If you try this enough you will start to feel your body vibrating and then it will scare the shit out of you too. well good luck

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