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Do you like puddings and custards? are you anti-pudding or pro-pudding?

Asked by jca (36054points) September 5th, 2008

puddings as in the american definition, not the english term for “dessert.” i’m referring to puddings and custards as in chocolate, rice pudding, bread pudding, tapioca, egg custard, creme brulee, mousse. i find most people are either anti-pudding or pro-pudding. i am pro-pudding.

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I used to be strongly anti-pudding, but I’m softening my attitude, somewhat. I’ve decided that I like creme brulee and flan.

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PRO pudding! Especially bread pudding and tapioca!

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Por-pudding and gaga for custards.

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A well-executed creme brulee comes close to my ideal of a perfect dessert. Lots of vanilla bean, heavy cream, and just enough yolk to hold it together (not, however, a huge fan of whole egg custard; too rubbery).

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Any culinistas here able to explain the difference between custard and pudding? I find those Wikipedia entries to be informative, but lacking in distinction. Perhaps they’re simply synonyms?

In my very limited experience, pudding is served in a cup whilst custard is delivered inside a doughnut.

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There’s some overlap, but nowadays it’s generally understood that custards are thickened with egg , whereas puddings (in the American sense of the word) are starch thickened. Custards are more difficult to make because they must be cooked to within a very narrow temperature range or they’ll curdle. After cooking, custards will break apart into curds if you stir them, but puddings don’t mind.

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That is my understanding as well.

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pro-pudding! I love me some dirt cake.

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You have mentioned my own Kryptonite.

A woman can get almost anything she wants out of me, if she serves me custards and puddings.

While naked.

September 5, 2008, 5:38 PM EDT

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Yay pudding…except, I won’t eat it off of a buffet, or if it has developed any skin…ewww. I love creme brulee.

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Simple chocolate pudding with freshly made whipped cream is delicious….and I love the skin!

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Love ‘em. Tapioca. Crème Bruleé. Wow.

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@Harp, you are absolutely correct! And since I absolutely love a great custard, I… Mmmmm, and often make them. To make matters worse, I end up eating the majority of it!

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PRO PUDDING/CUSTARD!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore chocolate bread pudding, creme brulee (of any kind), and tapioca with a little bit of cinnamon and condensed milk. Custard ice cream is also a definite favorite! :)

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I am very much pro-pudding. Especially chocolate and vanilla pudding. Not so excited about tapioca and rice pudding. When I have the Jell-O cup kind I like to lick the lids.

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I don’t like the stuff. That is why Allie can have mine if we ever end up sharing the same jail cell. inside joke

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Damn right. =]

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now we need a special Fluther tshirt that reminds us that
“puddings don’t mind”.

There is a custard made in rural Spain called a “yema” that is just egg yolk and sugar.
It is horrific.
On the other end of the spectrum is a fabulous commercial rice pudding
made by a stupidly-named corporation called Kozy Shack. They quit making the kind with
raisins and cinnamon, which is tragic, but the plain is still great.
Here’s how you eat it:
skip dinner, get a whole l6 ounce container of this stuff, and with your favorite person eat the whole thing very slowly with one shared spoon while watching “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Have a blankie over the knees of both of you, put your feet on the ottoman, and let the kitty have an occasional lick. Now there’s a romantic evening…..

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@susanc: I started making my own rice pudding back when I was in middle school… I can’t eat Kozy Shack anymore.

SVU? My friend was in one scene of one episode a few years ago :)

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I love custard! Puds are pretty OK too, but can’t compete with a rhubarb and apple crumble drowned in custard!

Oh, and although “pud” is used as a general term for dessert over here, a pudding (chocolate-, vanilla-, other..) is more or less the same as on the other side of the pond. The only real diviation from that (that I can think of) would be Irish black and white puddings, which is something else entirely! And I don’t like those!

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I grew up with Jello packaged puddings (chocolate, butterscotch, tapioca) and that ruined me for puds. However there is nothing more ambrosial than crème brulée. And home-made rice pudding with cherry sauce is nothing to sneer at.

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I love pudding, rice pudding, tapioca, creme brulée, panna cotta, flan, mousse, pot de creme, frozen custard, ice cream, frozen yogurt. Yummy!

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Pro pudding. Real New Orleans bread pudding is my favorite. My wife makes the best.

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gail – i have never had rice pudding with cherry sauce but my grandmother used to make rice pudding (the baked kind that you can cut in pieces) with raisins and apples, and it was really good. i’ll have to look out for it with cherry sauce.

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It’s 9:30 in the morning and all I can think about is pudding! Serves me right for going on Fluther before doing my chores!

Chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, creme brulee – love ‘em all. Not so crazy about puddings with lumps in ‘em like tapioca and rice; to me, the essence of pudding is smoothness.

@wildflower – Can I come to Ireland and tour round with you and eat rhubarb and apple crumble with custard? My husband is Englsh and that’s one of my favorite desserts, or as we say, in British – puddings.

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@poofnmook: give us the recipe.
@gail: give us the recipe.

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@susanc: LOL I actually lost it years ago during a move. I got it from my great-aunt though, so I’ll ask her.

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@Susanc: I threw out all my old dessert recipes but will find something similar for you soon. (Like now; it is a Danish dessert, as I thought. You can skip the almonds, but this recipe is pure – including a vanilla bean.)

Lovely Rice Pudding

And for another take; What is the Matter with Mary Jane?

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thanks, all, for commenting and for the great recipes!

pudding power!

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