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What the **** is going on in Portland?

Asked by Demosthenes (12764points) August 30th, 2020

Maybe Trump had a point about bringing in federal officers. Last night a right-wing protester was shot dead after numerous clashes between Trump supporters and BLM, including fighting in the streets. Is this really the best we can do in this nation? Will violence like this have any effect on your vote this November? If federal troops aren’t the answer, then what should be done to end nights of street clashes?

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Get trump out of office.

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“A would-be right wing domestic terrorist has been successfully neutralised by courageous vigilantes, before he could do any damage”

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Maybe the protestors were just defending themselves.

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The thug 2% of the population is trying to rule the 98%.

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Since none of us were there and will only filter through the lenses we are shown, I sent this to johnpowell who lives in Portland. From what I’d read and heard, the protests were largely peaceful until the Feds came in. Stirring up chaos and then claiming to be the law and order candidate is straight out of the Nazi playlist.

At the moment, I have to say my attention is more focused on Kenosha where a Black man was shot in the back seven times and a right wing teenager with an AR-15 killed two men and then walked right past the police.

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What the f*ck do you think happened at Stonewall! It was a riot!

This is typical of right wing tactics. They bait the left to react with violence to justify a fierce repression of the right to protest.

@Demosthenes This is really going very far.

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^^ And that’s exactly how AH manufactured pretexts for annexing Austria, invading Poland, and the rest. Putin has used the same tactics. Create violence, claim victimhood, control the media and the people’s perception of it, discredit and denounce voices of dissent, and promise them a solution. They keep doing this because it works.

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An officer kicked this guy in the back. The guy had his hands on his head in submission. The officer just kicked the shit out of him. When he reacted they tackled him. He was charged with resisting arrest…...

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There has not been a determination of who killed the right-wing demonstrator in Portand. For all we know, it occur have been a fellow armed demonstrator that fired the shot.

If you ask, “who shows up with weapon to a demonstration in Portland”, the answer is most likely police and right-wingers.

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@Dutchess_III so you are okay with mob rule? Okay, suppose the conservatives actually take you up on that? Would you still be okay with it?

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The Democratic leadership of the nation, the state of Oregon, and the city of Portland, have shown they don’t care about the lives or well-being of the people of this country. They would rather support a mob that breaks the law at will and puts everyone at risk. They don’t WANT anyone to come in to even think about stopping the lunacy. So we will see many, many more of these events until all out war is declared from one side or the other. THAT is what they want.

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I have no idea what you’re carrying on about @seawulf575. Where did I suggest mob rule was OK? And take me up on what?

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A caravan of 600 vehicles with armed passengers is a fatality waiting to happen.

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Think about it, this is NOT a rep thing & it is NOT a dem thing. It IS a TRUMP thing!!!

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Theres multiple things going on here. There are incredibly liberal people in Oregon on both sides. Like young, near-anarchist type young kids that want to tear down the establishment “liberal” and screw the government they can’t tell us what to do “liberal”. Remember, Portland and Seattle are “counter culture”: we had Grunge rock, and that whole “Screw following the normal path, do what you want” attitude. Reed college (Steve Jobs) is an incredibly liberal college for example: hippies, people not even wearing shoes etc.

Portland, like any other state, is an especially liberal city surrounded by people that hate liberals. It also, just like Washington, has a history of white supremacy and/or anti-government sentiment.

Not surprisingly, some rural areas harbor white supremacists, or just extremely anti-government people. The feds found a white supremacist “training ground” in Spokane, Washington, for example. I grew up regularly experiencing racism just 30 minutes east of Portland.

There’s a lot of guys that love camouflage, guns, large trucks, hunting, fishing, and basically hating communism and the government. Your typical stereotypical behavior. And next to all this is Portland. I’ve regularly heard how people hate all the liberal college kids there and how they want to make America socialist etc.

You have large nebulous groups of people with many different views and they aren’t very focused on their actual goals, and/or their movements become ruined by large demonstrations where bad apples start fights or whatever.

Now I honestly don’t know what Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, or Anti-fascist groups actually want or are about. They are too nebulous now. Some say 1 is a white supremacist group, others say they are just an anti-government group. I really don’t know. I stayed away from Downtown Portland once Trump was elected because thats when it seemed to start up.

There are way nicer areas to hang out than in Portland, anyway.

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So I just googled Patriot Prayer and this is on the wiki, so it’s already not looking good. I honestly thought they were anti-government, but apparently they might be a bit more:

Patriot Prayer is a far-right group based in the Portland, Oregon area.[1][2] Patriot Prayer describes itself as advocating in favor of free speech,[3] and opposing big government.[4][5] The group has organized rallies in support of Donald Trump[6] and far-right protests in predominantly liberal areas, which have been met with large numbers of counter-protesters.[7][8] White nationalists as well as far-right groups, such as Proud Boys,[9] and Hell Shaking Street Preachers,[10][11][12] have attended the rallies organized by Patriot Prayer, sparking controversy and violence.[13][14][15]

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Shit ton of fear mongering is how I see it.

Alt-right groups are terrified (although they constantly accuse others of being afraid) and they have guns.

The alt-right WANTS violence to explode. They want an excuse, they want to be able to blame BLM. The alt-right is messaging for people to #riseup.

There are people on the far left probably are doing some violence too. People on the far left are frightened too, for many different reasons. Then you have people who aren’t far left, but simply support equality getting caught in the middle of the mess.

President Trump is only blaming the far left. He has said “anarchists” but I think Republicans interpret that as Antifa.

I was told to look up the “fall
of cabal“ and to “follow the plan“ when Minneapolis burned down the police station and stores nearby. That’s all some sort of crazy QAnon messaging.

The BLM protests are giving cover for alt-right anarchists.

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What “should” be done is probably police reform. What’s going to happen is more propaganda and sensationalism that fuels this division and violence.

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Also interesting that the media only ever reports on the protests, when there is some juicy violence to cover.

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