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What happened to the protesters who were snatched off the street?

Asked by SEKA (5224points) 1 month ago

When the Federal troops were sent in to bash heads and stop everything going on, we saw people being pushed into unmarked vans and driven away. To my knowledge, we have heard nothing from any of them detailing their experience while in captivity. Even stranger, I’ve heard nothing of any of the families stating that they can’t find their loved ones. Did I miss that piece of news or did those people just vanish into oblivion?

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They lawyer-ed up and were released.

“Pettibone said he was put into a cell. Soon after, two officers came in to read him his Miranda rights. They didn’t tell him why he was being arrested. He said they asked him whether he wanted to waive his rights and answer some questions, but Pettibone declined and said he wanted a lawyer. The interview was terminated, and about 90 minutes later, he was released. He said he did not receive any paperwork, citation or record of his arrest.”
NPR 07/17/2020

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For once, I agree with @Tropical_Willie

The people who were ‘snatched up; had lots of legal protection and aid available. @Tropical_Willie would probably disagree but these persons were known activists in leading the rioting and looting.

Over 50 billion in infrastructure have been done by these domestic terrorists, mostly to the minorities homes and neighborhoods and lives (deaths) of persons they purport to be protesting “for”—but that is not their motive. Destruction of the nation is. Burn it all down. There is no reason to be on their side, @SEKA—they will come after anyone.

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Where is your backup information that these people were “known activists” @Yellowdog?

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And – who are the “domestic terrorists’? At least much of the damage and looting has been done by white supremacists and alt right militia.

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The groups doing the rioting and looting are anti-police protestors Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Why would right-wing groups join their cause? It doesn’t even make sense.

As for the Federal forces, they are only seeking the well-known instegators of these activities. It would make no sense to grab a bunch of random people. It would not be cost effective and a total waste of manpower and space for incarceration. The Feds know who they are looking for, and why.

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@Yellowdog I’m glad you are so well informed. Here’s just one link about the collusion of the alt-right militia and the police in Portland.

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SEKA, I guess you just missed it. The people who were “snatched” off the streets were all freed.

Why do I put “snatched” in quotes? Because these people were taken in for questioning about crimes (a perfectly legal thing to do), some of them were booked, others were set free for presumably lack of evidence.

They did not just “disappear”. That happens in China and many other countries, not the US.

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^ It didn’t used to happen in the US, but I see it becoming part of our lifestyle within the next few years

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@SEKA: If that does indeed start to happen, I’ll be the first one out of here.

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^ I suggest that you keep your passport current, but where you going? No other country welcomes us anymore and you may well discover that you’re not allowed to leave

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@SEKA If I can be “disappeared” in the US, I guess it doesn’t matter where I go – it cannot be any worse.

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