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Why is race or ethnicity such a taboo subject, ultimately exemplified here on Fluther?

Asked by Yellowdog (11017points) 4 weeks ago

We can talk about language and everything is okay. We can talk about ethnic culture and things are a little on eggshells, but still good.

If race or ethnicity is mentioned, it starts a firestorm. When I mentioned that I liked the Anglo Saxon culture but not exclusively, I was immediately called a Nazi. Now that this firestorm has cooled down a bit—why is it so?

Is it wrong to identify with or relate to one’s own native ethnoi? In my opinion, you cannot fully appreciate other cultures until you understand your own, and vise versa. And ethnic diversity is a very socially and intellectually stimulating thing to explore and appreciate.

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The average person probably doesn’t have time to have an intellectual conversation, including myself. That’s why it’s important to be detailed to get the point across.

Which part of the Anglo-saxon culture do you like? What does that even mean? Ethnicity and race aren’t the same, either. They both get used together because we’ve all been placed in a box and they’re used for classification purposes like job applications, which doesn’t mean anything either.
When people think of Hip-Hop for example, they probably think of black people. But black people can be metal heads, and Hip-Hop has a massive culture all over the world. People in Japan love Hip-Hop and rap.
You can take a young child from America and raise them in Tibet and that person’s ethnicity will be completely different when they grow up.

It’s important to be as detailed as possible and fully explain what you mean. Flesh out the idea and fully present it. Saying “I like Hispanic culture” can mean 1000 different things lol.

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It’s a Catch-22 of sorts. It is a subject that should be talked about, that nobody wants to talk about, and that nobody will talk about for fear of upsetting someone.

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There is only the human race !

You want to go out of that ?

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I don’t see any evidence for your claim that if race or ethnicity is mentioned, it starts a firestorm.

I don’t know where you were called a Nazi or by whom, but I do have to ask you this: does your question imply that you think everyone on Fluther (everyone but you) is of a single opinion in this matter?

If so, where in the world did you get an idea like that?

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And I am sure you will soon prove your claim that you have been ‘called a nazi for liking anglo saxon culture’ by linking to the exact thread where that occurred.

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They aren’t taboo. And you can identify with your own culture. But when you basically take the attitude that your culture is superior to all others, that’s where it starts getting a bit thorny.

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Please link to the “firestorms” and to where you were called a Nazi. I have seen a lot of very heated arguments on fluther, and a lot of disagreement, but nothing I would call a firestorm that wasn’t quickly dealt with.
I have, however, seen you, @Yellowdog, argue for a lack of inclusivity in situations that don’t call for exclusivity.

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@Yellowdog: “Why is race or ethnicity such a taboo subject, ultimately exemplified here on Fluther?”

It doesn’t seem to be a taboo subject at all here on Fluther.

It’s possible that you are interpreting appropriate pushback on your views as a sign that the subject is taboo here.

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@Yellowdog I hate to be the one to explain it to you, but nobody on Fluther cares that you are anglo saxon and don’t want to include anybody else into your culture. Their problem arises out of the fact that you insist on everyone joining in on your hatred for anyone who doesn’t look or think exactly the way you do. If your glorious leader was to ever meet you, you wouldn’t be allowed into his culture even though you are of the same race. His culture is so far different from yours that you wouldn’t be accepted into his. You’d become one of those he added to his list of hate

I get the feeling that you’ve never tried to be friends with anyone from a different race or culture, so you can’t possibly know if you like them or not

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Actually, everyone I know is black, I live in Raleigh which isnear the suburb of Bartlett in Memphis, Many of the people I know have disabilities as well.

I AM somewhat an Anglophile and I like Celtic and Nordic things—so that means I exclude everyone else and am a Nazi, huh?

I belong to no clubs or private organizations.

Its funny how you can criticize “white people” for fears of “the browning of America” and put words in their mouth—and when someone denies it, they are called a Nazi (Tropical Willie) and—uh—you put more words in their mouth.

This is a legitimate question, btw—personal attacks and miscategorations should be flagged. But I wanted to keep it in Social,

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Knowing people isn’t the same as being friends with people.

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I would really have to see the context in which you were called a Nazi to understand it. Having an affinity for a white/European culture doesn’t make you a Nazi.

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(And London wasn’t bombed in 1944 by anglophiles.)

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@Demosthenes I believe he’s referencing the recent ‘What’s happening to the RNC’ thread.

@Yellowdog It’s not like this on all sites, but this is so left-leaning now, you have to phrase things carefully, so there’s no mistake, or just don’t post. Just my opinion. I read your replies on the other thread and believe I understand what you were trying to say.

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@KNOWITALL Actually, Fluther is more of a mix of Republicans and right wingers and Democrats and/or progressives than it has ever been before. Because it was founded by liberals and their families and friends, it was initially more homogeneous than it is now.

To the larger point, I don’t see the issue of race as being taboo at all here but it is a major topic in America today and anyone’s statements might get questioned by another Jelly. Fluther is a place where BS is called out – for good or for bad.

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@janbb I see it differently but it would be interesting to have a thread about that.

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I have a Nat Geo and the cover features twin sisters. Obviously they are fraternal twins because one is white and one is black.


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I think Darth, articulated it, in the most simple terms. When it seems that a person believes that their own race/ethnicity, is superior to all others, that’s where the problem is.

Such thinking, has led to some of history’s greatest atrocities. Oppression, war, genocide, etc…

A lot of people recognize that.
At this point in history, Trump, has drummed up rhetoric, and actions, that would appear to insinuate, that white/Christian people, are the best people. And. That anyone else, should be excluded, from America.

IMO. One would be foolish, to not see similarities, in his agenda, and that of the nazis.

I feel it relevant to point out, that not all Trump’s supporters are white supremacists. However, all white supremacists, are Trump supporters…

It’s a case of guilt, by association…

It goes both ways. It seems that most Trumpers, think of all liberals, or leftists, as ANTIFA, socialists….

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trump was literally raised to believe he is genetically superior to virtually everyone else in the world.

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I still find some of the responses thus far totally appalling, in spite of efforts by some to make me feel understood. It certainly affirms that I now know what element I am dealing with.

No matter how many times you repeat a lie, does that make it more true? Maybe in your own mind, but not in objective reality.

Preserving the Republic from socialism, by admitted socialists and anarchists, evidently is equated to Naziism. Interesting perspective, considering the Republic was here first as Capitalist and a place of law, order, and due process.

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@Yellowdog: “Preserving the Republic from socialism, by admitted socialists and anarchists, evidently is equated to Naziism. Interesting perspective, considering the Republic was here first as Capitalist and a place of law, order, and due process.”

Comedy with so many layers.

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