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Can I post a comment on a specific answer?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) September 2nd, 2020

Is there any way to comment on a specific person’s answer to a question without putting his/her name in the comment?

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^ this thingy works if you answer right below the person you want to answer.
If I’m answering the person two answers above me then I do two ^^.

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Thanks. I’ll try it. Sometimes in a long thread the post I am responding to could be so high that it is easier to just type in his/her name. Friends of mine on Quora tell me it is much easier over there.

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It might be, but it’s not Fluther. :-)

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@crazyguy If you’re not on a mobile device typing the @ sign will bring up a list of all the posters on the Q and you can just click on their name.

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Perfect. Thank you.

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