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What is a good small business to start?

Asked by extolsmith (440points) August 2nd, 2007 from iPhone

I want to start a business that I can manage in the evening or early morning and my wife can manage during the day, with a baby. A part time business that can be start with limited capital and limited time.

I was thinking a drive thru coffee stand or small retail space. A business that can be run by low wage workers which my wife and I can keep an eye on?

Any suggestions or experience?

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I've seen several start a successful eBay business. They take in any item someone wants to sell on eBay; they photograph it, define it, and place it on eBay. When the item sells, they get a percentage. If you get good at defining and listing items, you can start selling them "assembly-line."

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There is a book I am reading that I have found to be very informative, not only about good business to start on the side, but money matters in general. "Start Late, Finish Rich" by David Bach There are several chapters in there that are right up your alley. I am personally involved with a direct selling or network marketing business. I know, I know, everyone immediately thinks pyramid scheme. Understand there are some great opportunities out there using this highly successful business plan that are legal, focused on slow, controlled, and stable growth, and involve selling a real, viable product to an individual. In my case I know I am truly helping my customers due to the proven quality of the product, which is just an added bonus! Another plus of this type of business is the fact that the business plan is already put together, you just have to follow the traveled path while adding your own personality and creativity. All I am saying is take a look, there are some great opportunities out there but do be careful there are a lot of dangerous companies out there! Check out the Direct Selling Association's website ( a great starting place! Only legitimate companies are members of the DSA.

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