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Do you have any routines in your life that you enjoy?

Asked by jca2 (12049points) September 3rd, 2020

Do you have any routines in your life that you enjoy? Maybe having certain things to eat for breakfast or eating at a certain time or place? Routines as far as exercise or trips, or stops at certain coffee shops or shopping, or routines with family? Maybe holiday routines such as visiting certain family members or routines for exchanging and opening gifts?

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I attend the same three AA meetings each week, including via zoom since March.

I have certain podcasts I listen to each week.

A lot of my routines have been disrupted since I am working from home. Before March, there were certain routines I had done for years involving when I woke, what I did before leaving for work, and my commute.

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Oh yes, the morning coffee, news and catch-up hours are the best.

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I enjoy having tea and reading the New Yorker most mornings.

In general I hate routines and try not to think much about them though otherwise I go nuts.

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Drinking my coffee while sitting at my computer.

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My morning wake-up routine includes working on spider and free-cell card games, and a cryptic crossword, and the occasional sudoku.

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I like getting up early and reading the paper and doing the NY Times mini-crossword while eating breakfast.
I enjoy coming to this site and looking at the recent Qs and who is around. I don’t always comment but I do look every day.
I enjoy going out to my pond and feeding the fish. They recognize me and come when I tap the food container against the rocks.
My morning shower is always enjoyable.

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Mine is very ho-hum. I turn on the local news and eat a banana & a clementine. Take some vitamins then get up and get.a big mug of instant decaf. Followed by a big bowl of cereal with fresh blueberries in it. Then onto my laptop for the stock mkt and old friends messages for hours. Sometimes I skip milking the cow and slopping the pigs.

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@Aster Now wait, you skip milking and feeding? How does that work, don’t they all squeal and get upset?

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^^^^^^ Yes, they do but I put headphones on.

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@Aster My grandpa would have switched me for doing that. No joke.

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We read a book for Christmas every year. It’s about a small boy and a robot. Very sad and thoughtful, and hilarious in places.

I like my new routine of writing a few sentences in a morning journal – about my intentions, gratitudes, and meaningful moments of the prior day.

Other than that, I don’t really have routines. I need some more.

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Ordering pizza and watching shows/movies with my husband. We do that maybe once a week.

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I am all about my morning breakfast and coffee run while listening to podcasts.

If I have to miss it, I am cranky.

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Taking my cat for his morning walk. So peaceful. He always goes to the same places in the yard. It’s all for him. He loves the out of doors so much.

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Checking Fluther, even just for a few seconds :P

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Got to have me morning coffee and cigar. No coffee makes a grumpy guy.

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