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I have always had a big build in my lower body. Because of fat phobia I had lipo and am now left with very thin legs and not a toned tush. What is the best way to build up both areas?

Asked by cassidy (2points) September 5th, 2008
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After liposuction, shouldn’t you ask your surgeon about suitable exercise? We probably aren’t the best forum.

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The lipo was done years ago, I don’t believe I am restricted because of it.

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Get a trainer; we here pretend to be omniscient, but see a pro.

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What does having a “fat phobia” mean?

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interesting, I actually don’t work my quads cuz they get too big.

I recommend:

Bicycling uphill
stationary bikes
quad exercises

Start Slow (don’t do heavy or crazy amount of weights) but once you get started and increase the weights, you’ll be surprised HOW MUCH you can lift/push

also I just LOVE the pain that I feel in my quads when exercising (odd I know)

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@windex: The site with the quad exercises is cool. Thanks for linking to it. I was just going to suggest lunges with weights, but there’s so much more there!

And that’s not so odd. I love the feeling of rowing when it starts to hurt some. :^>

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Lunge. Squat. Lunge. Squat. It’s no secret, squats and lunges are two of the best ways to get your buns and thighs into tip top shape. Lunge across your house, lunge up the stairs, lunge around around your bed. Get to love lunges and you’ll be a happy woman! You can also mix up your lunge routine with variations like isolating one leg or lifting and squeezing your leg behind you after each lunge.

Another fool proof way to get super model legs is to spend a good 15 minutes doing uneven squats. Get a bench that’s a good 6–12 inches up from the ground and start with one leg up on the bench and squat your brains out. Do it until it hurts and then do 20 more. Do the same for the other side. The next step is to put a little jump in between each one. Left leg up, squat, hop sideways and do the other side. Do 20 of these and you’ll be feeling it the next day. Another killer exercise is to stand with both feet on the bench and jump down so that you’re straddling the bench and squat when you hit the ground. Jump back up on the bench and do it again. Shoot for 20 of these, but you might need to stop after 10. I did these leg exercises for a good 3 weeks before my wedding and had killer legs for the honeymoon :) Just an idea!

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