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Is it true that steroids/cortizone medication is useful in treating Covid-19?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) September 4th, 2020

I saw it on my local news yesterday. Is it true? It said that they reduce inflammation.

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If it’s on the news, then it must be true.

For some patients with serious cases, yes. Not everyone.

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Depending on the symptoms the person is having it can be helpful, but it isn’t a treatment for everyone who has covid.

Steroids and other drugs that squash the immune system are being used for people who have dangerous inflammation and other immune responses.

It make me nervous for myself, because my family feels strongly that my dad developed a blood clot as a side effect to steroids (ten years ago) and covid has the threat of blood clots also. That virus can be a real disaster.

I have a friend right now with covid taking steroids and some other drug to treat her asthma. She has a history of asthma, but with the covid everything is worse. She’s been able to stay out of the hospital so far, but her breathing is very affected.

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The reports are carefully worded, as is this question. “Useful”. sure, but then again so is Tylenol to reduce fever. But Tylenol is not a cure, and neither are steroids.

And if you had covid it would not necessarily be appropriate to shoot you full of steroids and send you home. Steroids have lots of side effects, and need to be used cautiously by medical professionals.

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Sort of. There is some data suggesting that giving dexamethasone will decrease symptoms and mortality. But it’s not cut and dried, and steroids have their own complications.

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