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How to get metal 00g double flare plugs in?

Asked by amandaafoote (860points) September 5th, 2008

I gauged my ears to a 00 over a week ago, and since then they are completely healed & whenever i try to put my metal double flared plugs in, no luck. I’ve tried heating them up, and wetting them hoping they would go in, but all i’ve been getting is making my ears sore all over again. Are there any other ways that i can try this?

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have u tried pushing one of the flares in sideways, and then rotating it in? (does that make sense?) did u try vaseline? since they’re healed you could gauge one larger and then put them in. my friend once used some chopsticks to get her double flares in, because it slowly gets wider. She pushed the chopstick through her ear and she just held the plugs up against the wide end of the chopstick and followed the chopstick through.. try to find something like that but larger

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i tried putting like a part of it in, and then pushing it down so i could stretch my ear and get it partly in, but the problem is there are holes in the middle, so the metal will make an imprint on my ear which is what hurts them so badly, i might try the vaseline, i think that’s my best bet haha, thank youu (o:

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It worked! THANK YOUU! (o:

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great! no problem :)

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