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How seriously are you taking the increasingly urgent warnings about post-election violence in the U.S.?

Asked by Jeruba (52052points) September 6th, 2020

These are not shrill or hysterical ravings on social media but solemn, measured rhetoric in reputable news outlets. Conservative columnist David Brooks, for instance, in the New York Times.

The more such articles I read, the more likely it seems that we must anticipate and brace ourselves for an election aftermath such as we have never seen before, up to and including real mayhem and violence in the streets.

Most scenarios project an undecided result on November 3rd. The effects on a volatile public of both delay and vacillating results—declaring and then reversing an outcome—could be disastrous. And we know that our leader will encourage extreme reactions rather than trying to calm and reassure people.

How worried about this are you, and how, if at all, do you intend to prepare for it?

You wouldn’t . . . you wouldn’t participate, would you?

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